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Diagnosed2late - November 28

It is not cancerous. It is a benign pituitary adenoma. So don't worry, I am not going to die. In fact this great news, since it is treatable, and fibromyalgia really isn't.

I would still like to thank everyone who has shared their story here, because they really helped me in dealing with some of the same symptoms, like depression, pain, and fatigue. Since I am a man it is really hard to open up, and get support for these types of problems. Knowing that I was not alone in my misery really helped me. I will go ahead and share my story, even though it may or may not help anyone here.

The adenoma I have caused some hormone imbalances. Also Hypogonadism. I am taking hormone replacements among other things, but the majority of my problems were caused by low testosterone. I also have osteoarthritis of the spine which was causing some of my back pain.

I asked my doctor a long time ago, if he thought my testosterone levels could be low, due to my age(31) he didn't even consider it. Also, I never did a good job of relating all my symptoms to him. Months later, after hours of googling things I diagnosed myself with fibromyalgia. I was convinced I had it, and was pressuring him into diagnosing me with it.

He didn't at first. He tested me for several things: Lupus, Lyme's disease, and several other things I can't remember now. I then requested to be put on Fibro meds and he did it at that time. The Cymbalta, and Neurontin were somewhat effective, so at that point a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia was made.

Two months later my depression was better, and my pain had improved slightly, but I was still plagued with severe fatigue. I didn't just have fatigue, I could barley get out of bed on a daily basis. I could not exercise, and when I did, it took me a week or more to recover.

So on my next visit to the doctor. I made sure that I explained my symptoms with great detail. I kept a log of my exercise, sleep, pain, and fatigue levels. At this point he decided to test my hormone levels, and found that they were way off, which led to my current diagnosis.

The hormone that was off the most was testosterone. Lack of testosterone can cause fatigue, limited motivation, decreased libido depression, low self esteem, irritability, muscle aches, inability to concentrate and other cognitive problems. (sound familiar?) My muscles were wasting away, because testosterone is responsible for building muscles.

I have been taking testosterone gel applied to the skin daily for about two weeks. My muscle aches, depression, irritability, fatigue and lack of motivation are completely gone. I still have some arthritis pain in my spine, and the memory problems are improving slowly(doctor says that will take at least 3 months for concentration problems to go away) I have never felt better, in my whole life!

I have so much energy that I had to start exercising, I had no choice, the energy was too much. The second day of treatment I ran 2 miles, and then went and joined a gym and lifted weights for an hour.

Can this info help you? I don't know, there is very little research on proper hormone levels, and how they affect men and women. There are many misconceptions about testosterone being just the male sex hormone, but attitudes and information on hormones are currently being re-evaluated and studied. Researchers are learning new things on a daily basis. Testosterone and estrogen are much needed hormones in the body of both men and women.

Estrogen works against testosterone. So women with high estrogen levels will have that working against their natural testosterone levels. Women have lower testosterone levels than men, but smaller amounts have more of an effect. Even though women need lower levels, they do need testosterone just as much as males, just in lesser amounts.

There are very few doctors who are up to date on this info, but if you are lucky, you may be able to convince your doctor to run some test on your hormone levels. Some urologist, and endocrinologist are leading the research into this area of medicine, but many of them are still going by outdated theory. Here is a link about the cultural myths of the male and female "sex" hormones...
it wouldn't let me post a link to the article, but it is on the new york times website and the title is...


you can't find a doctor willing to look into this, and run the test on your hormone levels. There are ways to naturally lower your estrogen levels and raise your testosterone levels. Do some research on this. It may help you.

Since high estrogen hurts your testosterone function. Do a search on lowering estrogen levels naturally. You will find a diet that includes lots of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and brussel sprouts help. Also look up ways to naturally boost your testosterone levels. DHEA is a prohormone. I was going to take it but it seems to only help women in studies.

There is tons of new info out there on this. It is definitely worth looking into. Sorry I can't explain it all to you, it gets pretty complicated. Do the research, I am sure you have tried everything else, so whats one more thing. No one knows what causes fibromyalgia, and hormones could very well be involved. Hopefully your doctor will be willing to test your hormone levels for you.

Unfortunately medicine is not an exact science and it changes everyday. Since most of you are women, it is highly unlikely that you have the same exact problem I have, but I believe that some of you may have hormones out of whack for various reasons. Some of you may have had a complete hysterectomy, and there are other causes natural causes as well, such as too much estrogen in dairy products.


Canada17 - November 28

I am happy to know that you have figured out the cause of your ailments. It is wonderful news that your tumour is benign and that your condition is treatable.

I will agree that my hormone levels play a huge role in my flare ups; once a month for about a week. I think that is something most women with FM have in common.

I always feel extreme fatigue when I have my period. I know that my hormones play a big part in that feeling and maybe it does have to do with the increase of estrogen during that time that suppresses my testosterone. It is an interesting theory. I'll try to test it by eating lots of the veggies your suggested this month.

I had my hormone levels tested, they didn't come back abnormal, but like you said they don't know what's normal for each individual. In addition to that, my physiatrist explained to me that the tests they use won't register a slight abnormality that may be enough to cause symptoms but not enough to get flagged during testing.

Thank you for sharing your story. : )


solanadelfina - November 28

Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm very happy that you'll be all right and that the symptoms will be only a memory.

More and more is being discovered on this illness, and every new study like this is a piece of the puzzle to getting rid of it. It brings us hope. The fact that most of us affected are ladies suggests that hormones are very likely involved. It'll be fascinating to see what this could lead to...


Noca - November 28

My testosterone levels are also low but they are caused by chronic opioid use. Glad you finally got a correct diagnosis.


Fantod - November 29

Congratulations on getting a proper diagnosis for all of your symptoms. The lesson here is to be persistent when it comes to your own health care. I'm really glad that your symptoms are subsiding and that you are feeling better. Take care and ewnjoy your second chance at life - live it to the fullest!


brooksidefarm - December 2

Praise God! Let us know how the treatment for the tumor goes. Let this be a lesson to all of us to listen to our bodies and never let docs bully us!


Nickylou - August 5

I too have fm and a benign tumour under the brain, it is surgery resistant and therefore recurrent. The gamma knife is the 6th treatment for me and it would be wonderful if my fm symptoms vanished. My hormones are always at acceptable levels. I am having an MRI in 3 weeks to see how much Rathke has grown.



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