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I Debra apologize
48 Replies
Debra - September 21

Hi, this is Debra. I apolgize of for all of my abusive language over the past few days. For those of you that don't believe me...FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FUCKS. Sorry, I slipped again. You see, I have been attacked relentlessly by everyone. I hear voices in my head and am very sexually repressed. I harber alot of rage, but I really am a sweatheart if you get to know me. Anyway, toddlydooooo.


WOW - August 7

that's one hell of a post lady!!??


Debra - August 7

I glad that you all have nothing better to do with your time.Hope your having lots of do it feel to be me.YOU WISH.SEE YA LOOSERS.


HI LYNNE!!!!! - August 7

if you're going to pretend to be debra you should really get that spellcheck.... LOSER!


Sally - August 7

Debra, I accept your apology! Nobody's perfect and I am certainly not one to judge- I think its human to err. to forgive divine!
Bless you for being you-


HI LYNNE!!! - August 7

that's NOT Debra, it isn't possible for her to write a post that isn't A MILE LONG :)


steph (not lynne or debra) - August 7

that is THE funniest thing |'ve read so far on here! how long are you guys gonna keep it up?


bobs yer uncle - August 7

well I for one, do not accept your apology, you should be kicked off this site for that languauge & you sound crrrrrrrrrrrrray-zeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fo show peeps.



Actually, really what's involved here is that tension, stress, trying to do things well in our lives can produce internal reactions in the unconscious mind that we're totally unaware of, but the unconscious mind is quite frightened of them. We actually get very, very angry inside, to the point of rage. And the thing you must understand is that this is universal. We're all doing this to greater or lesser extent, and there are many, many different kinds of physical reactions that one can have. Obviously some of us generate HUGE quantities of rage, AND SOME MORE THAN OTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Angel - August 7

That post is not debra.She has been away for weeks.Someone out here is really getting it.What a joke.


Louise - August 7

you're right that wasn't debra, but it hasn't been weeks. she was here a day or so ago swearing & freaking out, I think they may have removed her finally. a guy from England emailed the editor....


Angel - August 7

No you are very wrong.I have talked to her out here many times and she gave me her e-mail address and she is in the hospital.She has been for weeks.I think there is something strange going on here.P.S.I'm not her close friend or anythin like that.We just keep in touch because we live close.


Louise - August 7

thanks angel. if you look at the post called "fibro...there's no cure etc..." debra was posting Aug. 6th, depending where you are now its only the 7th. she had been cursing and abusive. that guy from England was going to report her for language she used the F word at least 50 times, it was embarrassing. thats when this whole thing started. there are 2 debras so maybe your friend is the other one. this one has lost her damn mind. those jerks were pretty stupid & weird and someone needed to tell them off but not all the posts were bad. she's been fighting w/ anne h (fibrofix) some lady named judy (who had cancer!) and some sarno-tanner guy. iwould have just ignored them, its so dumb. she freaked out and poeple started catching on & making a game of it. i'm sorry to hear about your friend in hospital but I is not the same debra.


Angel - August 7

Louise thanks.yes that is my friend Debra post i have read it and it was not here doing that .She has been in the hospital.Someone is acting as her.I have talked to her and i told her what is going on out here.I could not tell her everything because she is to sick.She will be shocked when she comes home and reads the fourm/posts.


Louise - August 7

are you sure? there are 2 debras, you said you aren't really friends with her & that you just had her email? now you are talking to her in the hospital.... and telling her whats been going on? that seems weird to me. don't get mad but it sounds like you are setting it up so that she can pretend that she didn't freak out swearing like that. how could we be mad at someone in the hospital? seriously, I'm really not trying to be mean but it sounds real funny to me.


Angel - August 7

Yes she is in the hospital and we are not close friends.Ive been talking to her for months through e-mail and the past while on the phone.I getting to know her.And she really is in the hospital she has called me from there.She wants me to meet her and her husband when she leaves the hospital.She was having a problem with a women named anne out here.look i do want to cause a problem for her so im trying to keep my cool.


Louise - August 7

if you go to the post "whats going on out here" from a day or so ago it is clearly the SAME woman. I was online that morning. she accused me of lying and not being a good mother because I was up at 4am online. I laughed to myself and thought how crazy she was acting, it wasn't 4am where I live! she has been posting for WEEKS, not just the past few days...... I'm sorry but I've just GOT to be honest here, you weren't keeping your cool when you were bashing that other lady karen on that other post when she was just trying to explain herself. you sure sounded like debra to me. people are smarter than you think, don't play around, if you did it, own it.



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