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I could use everyone's feedback
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TERESA - October 11

TERESA | Date: September 30, 2006, 15:50
Answer: I think that every fibro patient has had to deal with doctors who either don't beleive or have no idea how to treat FMS! I mean it's not like you walk into their office with your arm bent out of shape. Then they would no you have a problem & are in pain! We walk into their offices looking perfectly normal most of the time, with is strange assortment of symptoms (the main one being pain) for which they can find no medical reason. I've had doctors say thing like fibro is not a real disease, I take all my fibro patients off all pain meds because they are going to be in pain anyway, you are too young for strong pain meds, etc, etc.... There are relatively new studies about pain being the antidote to addiction, in other words if you are in pain & take pain meds for that pain you will not become addicted. If you are taking pain meds & you have no pain (taking meds for the feelings of euphoria) then you run the risk of becoming an addict. I now have found a doctor that appears to believe me & I'm taking enough meds to make most people comatous, yet I can functiion just fine. I like many Americans, haven't any insurance & my income level is very low. I can not doctor shop, but I found my doctor (a D.O. ) at a local clinic. IM SURE LUCKY! =

Name: TERESA | Date: October 10, 2006, 13:58
Answer: Barbar. Thanks so much for your concern!! I guess you didn't see my thread in the post "Where is everyone from". I live in a little city south of Joplin, MO. I used to live in Sacramento, CA many many years ago, so I can understsnd your disbelief at how a state in this wonderful USof A can treat their citizens so POORLY!!! California, at least they used to, treat their, citizens of low income very decent ( like CANADA )!! I have already recieved a diagnosis from a very expensive rheumatologist. He diagnosised me in May or June of this year with FMS & Lupus. My GP from the clinic referred me. I saw him three times then he turned me back over to the GP because I could not afford him!! NOW I find out that my GP will be leaving the clinic in DEC, just after we have FINALY developed a working relationship. I've been seeing this same doctor for about 2& a half years but now we are on the same page & HE'S LEAVING!!!! Rigth now they don't have any prospects for his replacement! this means that I may be looking at a period of time with no treatment, & thats unexceptable!! I can't get private ins even if I could afford it & I can't get disablity ins because I don't qualify!! This is moe than a catch 22, THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! The money I make, JUST keeps me able to pay for my meds, transportation, etc... but also keeps me from being able to qualify for assistance!! =



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