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I cant stand it anymore.............
3 Replies
deedee1.1 - February 3

I have suffered with fibro since i was a child, and i remember tellng my parents my body hurts. They said it was probably growing pains and nothing to worry about. When i turned 16 0r 17 i thought something was wrong and i went to see my family doctor. I told him i have had pains and aches since i remember, he told me there was nothing he could do!!! So i thought i'll have to just deal with it. It felt like i was carring so much weight on my shoulders and i couldnt put it down or take it off. I carried on (i had to), school, coullege, and work. It was my shoulders and neck that used to burn, thump, stab and it felt like i was being pricked by tiny hot pins. I used to lie down on the floor until the pain slowed down and carry on with what i was doing. This would go back and forth for about 10-15 times a day. Then, one day at work my manager was shouting at me while i had a cardboard box in my hand full of printer paper, i could put it down as my desk was full of fles, my phone was ringing and someone on the other side of the office was shouting for me. This was happening all at once, my back and neck were thumping, i started to sweat. I got so overwhelmed and i chucked the box on the floor and i threw my self on my seat...i stopped breathing, my whole body felt like it stopped, i was like a painful bomb was about to go off. The people behind me ran to my aid, for sme reason they thought i had something stuck down my throt and they started to punch my back..OH MY GOD DID THAT PARALISE ME...I couldnt move. My manager took me home and i didnt go to work for a month. And guess what?? I was 21 years old when this bomb went off. The pain travelled all over, form my face to my feet. I tried to lie down on the floor like i used to, but it didnt work. And from that day to the present...(aged 29) i'm useless to myself and others. The only person that understands is my mum. I got married, my husband knows of my condition and dosn't really care. As long as i clean the house, wash his cothes, make his food and keep his bed warm he's happy. I cant say that i hurt or i'm tired, he get's moody, shouts and stops talking to me. I cant stop crying cos i hurt so much. I cant cry infront of him as he tells me to shut up. So i do it quitley if hes around. I was laid off my last job which was 6 months ago and i'm looking for work. This is another thing that he's annoyed with cos im not working. i dont know what to do anymore. I cant talk to my mum as she is very ill so i try and support her. But really, i have no one. I have considered topping myself, but i cant. My mum only has me and i cant do that to her. I need help.


tim - February 4

I was just diagnosed with FMS but I have had it for many yrs. Not a day goes by that I feel like giving up. I am a 50 yr old man. I told boss what My Dr. said and he said that only women have FMS. I don't know what to do. I just don't think I can ever go back to work. My job is very physical, I put up wood for a home improvement chain. I think I am going to lose everything. The thought of not going to works is the only thing that makes me feel better. No one understands just how much pain I have and I think most people think I am just lazy. I am having trouble just typing this now.I know just how you feel. I need help also. Good luck with your husband he dosn't sound very nice.


deedee1.1 - February 4

Thanks for replying. I cant imagine what you go through each day while you are at work. It’s like your getting beaten up everyday and then going back for more. Have you looked at maybe claiming disability allowance? I don’t think you should be doing that type of work. I know things are easy to say but really hard to do. I know i need to leave my husband but i cant until i start to get an income. I actually got a phone call today to start work on the 17th of Feb. This type of job is physical so i don’t know how it’s going to go. But you know how the job situation is, there is not much about these days. You need to get out, or do something that will not trigger so much pain. Some times i think maybe people like us are in this pain cos in our past life we did wrong to someone. What do you think?


axxie - February 5

FMS is not just a women thing, it just more women have it. Both of you need to understand that if you don't have a doctor who will understand you and try to help you with medication, then both should seek other doctors. It is now firmly established that a central nervous system (CNS) dysfunction is primarily responsible for the increased pain sensitivity of fibro. You are proably irritable by everything, I call it IESyndrom. Because of any number of pain receptors are involved, you may have to try many different medications and therapies before finding a combination that works well for you. Many physicians give up too soon, because they don't know how to treat it. Pain is the major culprit in having FMS, what you all need is pain relief. Keep a journal of how you are feeling, pain wise and what type of medication you are on. Go back and see the doctor often and show him your journal. Some doctors will give you a cocktail of medications, others will give you one at a time. This is not just a symptom, its a whole rash of symptoms that your central nervous systems is lashing out at you. Good luck to you and keep going back to the doctors, keep talking to them and getting them to treat you. Good luck. With the right combinations of medications you can live with manageable pain. It took me several years before finding out what I had, finally the doctor started treating me, after I had taken every test known to man. I'm currently on Cymbalta 60mg and Trazadone and I go see a chiropractor. I also take a multivitamin (find one with no fillers or dies for women of childbearing years or not try Materna. Try energy in pill or powder form this will give you energy when you need it most, take an additional vit b, d, e, some calcium, iron and magnesium. Try different ones to see what works. Good luck to you. For me the cymbalta is what works for me, I was depressed and my mind was giving me confusing triggers. I've been on cymbalta for three months now and I finally I'm able to think clearly. As for the trazadone is when I need to find good rest. I don't use it all the times. Good luck to you and like the Fmily will tell you, go back to your doctor or change them if you can't get anywhere. The fastest you are being treated to better you can manage your life.



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