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I can't take this pain anymore.
8 Replies
LourieB - August 26

Percoset doesn't even take the edge off anymore. I am in tears throbbing with pain. This is rediculous! I just want to sleep and never wake up. I can't take it!!!!!


Stacey373 - August 26

Hi LourieB - I'm sorry that you are having such a hard time. What other medications are you taking? Have you tried talking to your doctor about getting stronger pain meds? If you take pain pills for a long time, your body will eventually get immune to them. So you should try getting either something stronger or try another kind of medication.
Stacey :o)


Fantod - August 26

LourieB - I'm so sorry that you are having such a tough time with your pain levels. This is going to sound kind of crazy but I find that Curamin is very helpful for breakthrough pain. Yes, it is a spice. You can find it in the health food store in a highly purified formula in capsules. I use Curamin manufactured by Terry Naturally. It does help and I do notice a difference if I accidently run out.

Please don't do anything rash. You can vent as much as you need to here. And Stacy373 is right - you've probably built up a tolerance to the Percoset. Take care and keep in touch. We are here for you.


toots2889 - August 26

Lourie, I know exactly how you feel, as i seem to have plenty of those days! Talk to your dr and see if he can give you something else. If he refuses than find another dr that will. If your pain continues to be out of control,go to a urgent care clinic and see if they can help for right now. Please know that we are here for you, and dont want anything bad to happen to you! Hang in there as I always tell myself, it cant get any worse! I have to wake up, if not for me, for my family. I will pray for some relief for you.


LourieB - August 27

I am only taking percoset prn. Savella was making me so sick just minutes after I took it. I went to see my doc after work yesterday, but he wasn't there so I got his "partner" -- what a joke. I asked for fibro specialist or pain management specialist. I had to remind her as I was leaving for the referrals. She would not give me any other pain med. I asked for something to help me sleep. I could pick between Ambien or Lunesta. Ambien gives me hallucinations. I get to the pharmacy. They are out of Lunesta. Give me the generic. Insurance won't cover either, only Ambien. I said forget it. It was a miserable night. I am so tired. Only to find my battery completely dead as I headed to work this morning. Got a jump, made it to work and I just want to curl up in a corner and sleep forever. I am overwhelmed. Plus have to work my part time job tonight. It never ends. It's too much


Fantod - August 27

Hi LourieB - Go to the drugstore, vitamin shop or the nearest health food store and get some melatonin and/or Calms Forte. I use both together - they help me sleep. I'm real sensitive to medication so I can only use one 1mg of Melatonin. Amd I take one Calms Forte with that. Works pretty well - drink lots of water to help flush it through your system. You should not experience any hangover effect. Hope this helps - take care.


LourieB - August 27

I tried Melatonin -- 10 mg and would still wake up.


Fantod - August 27

Try taking it with Calms Forte. That combination works pretty well for me. This is what my doctor recommended that I try. You can find Calms Forte at the health food store or the Vitamin Shop. Take care.


Noca - August 27

The following are sleep aids you can try:




list goes on and on. Ask your doctor for one of those you haven't tried yet.



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