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I can't stand waiting!
3 Replies
lucidmana - April 12

Alright, so I've had full blood work, Ultrasounds and X-Rays done, and the only thing that turned up was that I've got IBS. I was pretty painfully backed up at the time of those tests. That part has been managed now thankfully, so there's little chance of that getting as bad as it did again.

So now I've been referred to a Rheumatologist to further discuss my pain and other symptoms. That was weeks ago. No phone calls yet. The Doctor tells me just to pop some Tylenol and relax. Are you KIDDING me? That doesn't even begin to touch the pain, never mind it providing any relief.

If I had to describe my pain it would be like a sunburn on top of a bruise that travels where it will all over my body every single day. Sometimes just my skin hurts and I can't even have clothing touching me. Sometimes cold temperatures register as painful, it's beyond frustrating. There's no redness, swelling or heat coming from anywhere, it's just PAIN. And on days where the pain is less, the fatigue levels rise and it becomes a time consuming challenge just to bend over and put shoes on, there's no bloody end to it. Do any women notice their pain levels hit the roof around that time of the month? Especially around the chest? I feel like I've turned into a raging monster.

I don't smoke, drink, eat meat (a bit of fish now and then) or consume any caffeine. I drink a lot of Green Tea but I always make sure it's decaf. My diet is pretty good and I try to stay active, but I'm quickly losing the will to continue on. This is maddening. I just really wanted to rant a little, since there isn't anywhere else for me to do so. Sorry to unload on you guys. :(


Noca - April 12

Try 2 Naproxen 500mg with 2 Tylenol Ultra and try wearing a Thermacare heat patch. Rheumatologists are the type of doctors that usually diagnose/treat fibromyalgia.


Canada17 - April 12

You are on the right track. At this point you can be thankful and breathe a sigh of relief that nothing serious showed up on your tests. I know, there isn't much relief in not knowing the cause of you pain, however, there is relief in knowing you don't have a terminal illness. Right?

Ok, so now you have to wait for your appointment. I don't know where you live, but it took months for me and I'm in ON, Canada. First, you have to wait for the doctor to process the referral, then they have to have an opening for you.

The good thing is, this waiting time CAN be productive. You can keep a diary of what you eat, your activities, and your pain. Also note what you take to help the pain and any effect it may have.

Please keep in mind that if you do have Fibromyalgia (and it sounds like you do) even healthy foods can be triggers for you. For example, if I eat potatoes too much/often I feel like I go hit by a truck. Take a look at the Diet tab on the right to find more information on it.

Be kind to yourself and be patient. Stress is a terrible trigger for FM and has compounding effects. Don't worry about ranting, we all know what you are talking about.

Please remember, you are not alone, we are all here for you.


lucidmana - April 12

Thank you both for commenting! I have tried Naproxen, but it unfortunately made me feel quite ill. I have learned that I am hypersensitive to a lot of medications. I think I will invest in a heating blanket though, as warmer temperatures really do seem to help the pain at night.

And yes, I am very thankful that the tests all came back clear, that did provide a lot of emotional relief! I am also in Ontario, and I'm sure it will be a few weeks yet before I hear anything.

I think keeping a diary as you mentioned is a great idea, that way I can share it with the Rheumatologist and hopefully be taken seriously. My mother also has FMS, along with Degenerative Discs and Rheumatoid Arthritis and has seen dozens upon dozens of Doctors, most of them laughed off her concerns and symptoms and sent her on her way. It took her years to get a proper diagnosis.

I definitely feel your pain about the potatoes, I can't eat fries anymore! Haha that's probably for the best anyway. Though I certainly will miss a good, sloppy plate of poutine now and then! :D

I should also take your advice about being kind to myself. I have a tendency to beat myself up mentally and allow stress to take over. I am learning relaxation techniques and trying to reverse the negative thought processes, but it will be a long, arduous journey.

I appreciate that there are people who take the time to talk to me, when it feels like nobody even cares sometimes.

Thank you.



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