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I can't believe I survived the holidays!!!!!!
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iliveinpain - January 4

I don't know how I did. The stress of preparation, family squabbles, cooking, cleaning, baking etc., I thought I was gonna wind up in the hospital with pain. Went for 2 massages in one week, and my normal therapist who said my back was feeling better than usual - before the holidays - asked me why I've had such a set back after the holidays, once again, my back is like "stone" her words, not mine. Anyway, I know it's a whole year away until next year, but I've already put my family on notice that things have got to change. I just am not able to do it anymore. I don't think they understand, cause as they say I LOOK FINE! Yeah, but I'm not. I told them if I had cancer they'd understand, but this is also serious and very much a painful disease, and NOT in my head, and I HURT, ALWAYS, no matter how I LOOK!!! Just ticks me off, how insensitive the people are who supposedly love me the most!! Oh well, sorry, but I just had to vent a little bit. At least when I come here, people UNDERSTAND!! :(


Noca - January 4

I too live in endless pain. In addition to possible FMS, I have a rare bone disease. It causes many bone tumors throughout my skeleton and many are visible with the naked eye. So my family doesnt doubt my pain as you family doubts yours. You cant see the tumors when I am fully clothed so when I am out and about I get bothered by insenstive people too. It makes it hard for me to walk very far so I park in a disability spot(I have a permit) and that ticks off people cause they cant see that Im in pain. They think that I am just parking there for the hell of it. I get rude words from strangers all the time and it pisses me off too.

Sorry your family is insenstive towards your pain. A friend of mine once said, if they dont believe your pain or depression, just punch them in the shoulder. When they say "Ow" say "well geez, I don't see any pain, I guess it must not exist!". The person will then have a sudden change of mind towards your pain (physical or mental) that you are suffering from.


white chocolate - January 4

Understand totally! We stayed home all over the holiday, my choice! After doing all the visiting and running around last year I decided things were gonna be different this year. I've got to the point now where if other's don't like it..I'm past caring . I'm living for me and my pain & how my body feels takes priority. I feel it, I live it, day in-day out,no days off, no holidays,rain or sunshine..Pain. My good days are bad days. Even fun days become sad days. Do they think I'm miserable for the hell of it. Maybe they do lol.
Yesterday was a very tough day and my partner cuddled up to me and said he wished he could make it better, that he would share it. I told him I didn't want to share it, I wanted to give it away..But.. I wouldn't give this to my worst enemy..I just couldn't be so cruel. But I do wish I could hand it over to the panel that'll be sitting at the disability tribunal hearing I have to attend at the end of the month. This will be the third hearing. The outcome of the last hearing after a tough fight having being ruled.. 'An error in law'. As if the previous two hearings weren't degrading enough.


poppy10 - January 5

i was well over the holidays but i am starting to get pain in my neck, back,hands and so on. i feel like i am paying for it now.i feel really tired to. i am going to walk the dog later hope i will feel better.

take care


Fantod - January 5

I am also glad that the holidays are over. I did a pretty good job of pacing myself this year. No last minute madness which really helped. I had a couple of slower than usual days after Christmas but for the most part I came through unscathed. Take care.


belle1329 - January 5

I cant believe I survived either. I had eve at my daughters, but had to lug alot there. Had Day at my house, everyone pitched in and brought a dish, but it was a long morning of cleaning and preparing and making my dishes. Then everyone came right on the dot and I was not fully ready, the kitchen started filling with people. I started to stress and said to myself, ya know what, they can take care of themselves until Im ready. I needed to wrap one more gift and finish dressing! And I did just that, I didn not jump when someone needed something, I let them take care of it or left it to another family member.
I had family stay for the week after neice and hubby and 2 boys 9 and 12. They woke up late every day so I did not rush to make sure of plans, they did things at nite without me and some nites I joined. I was exhausted the day they left but managed to clean 2 bathrooms and take down some decorations, (just put them all downstairs till another day I can put them away slowly, we do not use the downstairs) Had a bad day Sunday of post holiday depression and some pain. took Monday off from work , ran to the store and cleaned a bit more. and now back at work and of course in PAIN, it figures!!! all in all not bad, good thing I took vacation time!
I feel your pain :-) Now we all need some what about me time :-)


axxie - January 5

I am so done with doing the holiday thing, my mom and husband took care of most of the preparation, glad that they helped out. My mother has more energy at 88 then I do. I had my brother in-law take care of the clearning up. I just sat around and tried to do less, as I was in so much pain. Still am but feel better, started work yesterday and today is my day off, I only work three days a week, that is all I can do.

I do know what you mean about disability parking, I also have one, the other day I parked in one cause my body was such a wreck, and this man came and looked if I had a permit, I just turned around and gave him hell. Just because I look ok, doesn't mean I am. He backed off, cause I know he was going to say something. I only use my parking pass I'm I need it, otherwise if I can walk a few cars over I'll do it. I do have disability parking at work and heard one say how did she get it and I just looked at them and said, well you would have to know what it means to walk everyday witht he pain that I have. Yeah, I would give it to all those who don't believe us.....very gladdly.


iliveinpain - January 5

yep, I agree!! My mom is 84 and is in better shape than I am. so sad! good for her, not for me or my husband. He does help alot, but still when you're hurting so bad NOTHING helps. I finally made it in to work at noon. I'm supposed to start at 8 a.m. but I didn't sleep all nite cause of neck pain. Hopefully my boss understands, if not, well, I can't stress over that, it just makes me feel worse. Love talking to you guys here tho, it helps SO MUCH!!! huggs to everyone!! :)



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