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I am so glad I came across this website!
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cherokee - November 18

It seems so weird, for so long I thought I was alone; until I came across this website. I have spent the last couple of days reading the different forums, and I am amazed by what I am reading. For so long I thought there was nobody else out there experiencing the same thing that I am. I could talk to my family about it till I was blue in the face, and they still just didn't understand. Has anybody else had trouble with family understanding? My mother-in-law actually said to me "you probably say your hurting when your not so you can get out of doing stuff around the house , and have my son do it." That kinda ticked me off just a little. I am just glad I came across this website!


TERESA - November 18

I know what you mean! I came across this site shortly before I was diagnosised. In fact the information I found here gave me an " AH HA " moment!! Before I came across this site I & my doctors had no idea what was wrong with me. My doctor was treating me for shingles & postherpatic neuralgia. For the most part the people around me try to understand but you can see in thier expressions that they don't truely GET IT! I have never had anyone say such a mean thing to me like your mother-in-law said to you!! She sounds like a real witch with a "B"!! I havea real sharp tounge & woud have told her off BUT GOOD!!! There is no reason that we with FMS should PUT UP WITHSUCH TRASH!! Would she say to someone with cancer "why don't you get up and do something"? I THINK NOT!! Tell her how the cow licked the calf & if she doesn't like it she can spend the holidays BY HERSELF!!!


sl73 - November 18

Your mother-in-law kinda ticked you off a little? I think what she said is terribly hurtful and unkind. Yes, it is hard for others to understand what we go through because many people cannot understand what they can't see. If we are not limping or bleeding than it can't be that bad - wrong!!! I am glad that you did find this site because we do need to know that what we are suffering through is real pain and others do understand here. I am new to this forum too but I have had fibro for some time. Hang in there Cherokee.


Virg - November 19

Hi cherokee, glad you're here to. I'm with the girls on this one about momma-in-law. That is just basically cruel. Also a remark like that sets us up for stress and then we start feeling worse and then we start feeling guilty. And for what?
Ignorance. Hope this was a one time only off the wall remark. If not hubby has
got to get info on FMS and teach his mom. Best to you, be reading you again.


cherokee - November 19

Thanks everyone! Yep, my mother-in-law isn't the kindest person around. I try not to deal with her to often. I always tell my husband I can sense when she is with in 5 miles of our house. (LOL) I am very lucky though my husband is nothing like her.


TERESA - November 19

You are VERY lucky that your husband isn't like his mother!! He should take her aside and tell her that her comments to you are unexceptable and they MUST STOP!! If she can not hold her tounge, then STAY AWAY!! Did he defend you or let it slide? Enough of that now, we are glad to have you!! How long have you had FMS? Where are you from & what is your age? Here from you soon!!


Maura A. - November 19

Welcome cherokee
I also found this site a few months ago. I have found much information and it is nice to have people who know how you are feeling also. I have found that some of my realitives understand but not all. The good thing is 90% of my friends do and they have been wonderful. Good luck.


cherokee - November 19

I am 31 years old and from Ohio. I am hibernating right now though; can't take the cold weather. I was dignosed a year and a half ago with FMS, but it has been much longer that I have actually had it. Looking back I probably have had it through out my life. I have never had a calm life one thing after another it always seems. I have always been a strong person mentally I just think it has caught up to me physically.

As far as my husband, yes he has given his mother a reality check. She has backed off some.


TERESA - November 19

Cherokee, I am from SW MO & it is just starting to get cold here! I know what you mean about the cold. I used to work in surgery & they keep the room really COLD but it never bothered me! I used to drive my family crazy by keeping the house so cold. I CAN NOT tolerate the cold NOW though! I also can't take it if it's very warm either! It seems that I can't take extremes in temp!! I would much rather be SUN BATHING though!!!


JJ1 - November 20

Hate to make you yanks jealous, but I am in sunny central Florida. We are having a cold snap, but that means highs in the high 60s/low 70s and 40s/50s at night. My 13 year old was begging me to let her go swim in our pool yesterday but it was 66 out so I wouldn't let her, lol.


cherokee - November 20

LOL, I am looking out at my pool right now and it has it's winter cover on it with a dusting of snow.


Maura A. - November 20

We had snow when I got up today and a some this afternoon. But that's Ohio. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.


CarrieLee - December 13



CarrieLee - December 13

Cherokee are you still around...



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