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I am so fed up
2 Replies
kvc33 - November 9

I just can't take all the problems in life and I need to vent today. Life is hard enough without constant pain and severe exhaustion. I don't know how much longer I can go on or if there is even a point to it.I find society so utterly useless when dealing with people who have chronic illness or disabilities. The services just aren't there and it's all about money and greed. I have a relative with autism and the stupid government will not provide services for him but has lots of money to waste on things like the Olympics. The government will not give me enough basic financial assistance to just pay for the necessities of living. I am just so disgusted with this world and how people's priorities are so screwed up. Materialism and greed are their masters while innocent disabled ill people suffer.


jrzgirl1 - November 9

it's even worse when your family especially my husband just pushes it aside and expects me to do the things I was able to do years ago. I just want to have fun, vacation just be happy for a change


slb71 - November 11

there absolutely a point to living. we may suffer something that other people do not understand but if we keep hanging in there & letting people and drs know how we feel and how we cope and what makes us feel better or worse - i believe we can make a difference in other peoples lives that don't even know that their future includes fms. maybe not in our lifetime but i have to have faith that a cure or more effective treatments will become available.

you are absolutely right in saying that people's priorities are screwed up. they have been for a long time. it really does hurt the people that need help the most.
take care and hope to hear from you soon!

jrzgirl - i know how you feel about our family members not understanding & expecting us to do the same things we could before - even the day before!
it's hard for them to grasp this because it's not happening to them.



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