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I am scared that I have ALS. Does anyone have these symptoms?
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Bryan - September 1

I started with my left arm getting weak quickly form regular use. I now have "popcorn" muscle twitches in my calves, arms and thighs.I have problems with my speech as well as a high level of fatigue. I have a hard time concentrating, and I get daily headaches as well. My family physician had me do an MRI last week to check for tumors, which came back negative. I have an appointment with a neurologist next week. I am a 42 year old male in relatively good shape (runner). Does anyone suffer from these symptoms? I am on line every day for hours reading the same symptoms on different sites, and they all point to ALS. It is a very scarry time for me right now.


JM - August 21

What do you mean you have trouble with your speech?


Jade - August 21

hey there Bryan. I'm really sorry you're so scared. I don't have your same symptoms but I have been SUPER freaked out by other things myself. one thing I have learned about fibro over the last 5 years is that its often called THE GREAT IMITATOR, it mimicks almost EVERY major disease known to man. from neuro symtoms to gastro & everythng in between. If your scan was normal I would try to relax (I know easier said than done) go to the following link for the comprehensive list of symptoms. hope you feel better. let us know how you are doing......


Carm - August 22

The best way is to keep going to the doctor until you get some results. ALS would be very scary. I hope all goes well with you.


Charles - August 22

I have similar issues, especially in my left arm, burning in my left thight, twitches, high fatigue (very unusual for me), and some speech irregularities. I had C-5 spinal fusion surgery in Feb, and have been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondolytis and Fibromyalgia. I have not seen a neurologist yet and if my condition gets worse I will, however my GP, Rheum Doc, and Psychiatrist all agree on my diagnoses. This may not help you any and I would say keep getting tests, etc to rule things out. Let me know how it goes and I wish you all the best.


Charles - August 22

this link may also help you:


Stephanie - August 22

Well.. I have been where you are.. And it is a very scary thing to experience.. But you have to be persistant with questions for your doctors.. My feelings are that you do not have ALS..especially if the mri came back normal.. There are many many things that can cause these symptoms.. and Fibro is one of them.. Make sure your doctor is being thorough and that you are expressing your concerns.. One thing that I have learned is that looking on the internet about medical conditions does more bad than good.. If you look hard enough.. you will have symptoms of everything horrible.. Im sure you are fine.. Good luck to you !


Rachel - August 22

Hi Bryan, I know exactly where you're coming from. Almost one year to the date when I was first hospitalized for migraines and chest pains, I was on a roller coaster of neurologists, two cardiologists, etc. Every test you've gone through and more. Extreme migraines every day, fatigue, severe RLS, muscle spasms, burning, 140 heartbeat sitting down, horrible slurred speech, etc... My ANA titer also came back boderline for lupus too, my hormones in the dirt. Found (or God sent them to me) two kind drs that have helped me get better. The great imitator, like Jade said, is right on. You're doing the right thing. Elminate every other disease and what you'll get left with may be FMS. Good luck, keep us posted and keep your chin up.


Bryan - August 22

I have trouble getting my words out. Best way to describe it. I mix up words, almost like a stutter. I have read all of the comments, and you have no idea how much I appreciate your feedback, as well as the positive comments! I wish all of you the best as well. Thanks, and I will keep you all posted!


JM - August 22


Having trouble getting the words out can also be contributed to fibrofog. I sometimes get that as well. I TOTALLY understand your worry because I too have extreme anxiety about diseases like that. Try not to worry. I think it is fibro.


Michelle F. - August 27

Hi, Bryan. I'm new here - 36 yrs old, just dx 6 mos ago w/fibro. - I have lots of trouble with muscle weakness and fatigue- muscles will ache terribly and become so weak and tired that I have to stop - feels like I can't continue - gets harder to move the muscle,etc. Sometimes this takes only a few seconds of continued muscle use, other times many minutes, or even almost back to normal. I have lots of twitching, etc. as well. I went through a very thorough Neuro exam, MRI, EEG, etc. to rule out ALS amd MS. - both of which I was SURE I had at some point. It's easy to think worse case senario when all of this is happening to you. I still have trouble accepting that nothing was found - it's frustrating to say the least. I also have speech trouble - it's embarrasing for someone like me who used to be very intelligent and articulate - now I feel like an idiot sometimes.
Can you still run like you used to? I find even walking to be a challenge sometimes.


Amber - September 1

Hi i have had troubles with my speech and had bad fatigue for the last three years untill i was diagnosed with hypothyrodism....have the ruled that out yet? its not a horrible thing to have just a little pill everyday...if they havn't tested you for that they should having thyroid problems does all sorts of wierd things to you.
and paste that link and check the forum there you might be surprised at what you find from the other people there. they have the same worries and concerns you do



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