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16 Replies
scared - September 22

this may seem dumb but i am really scared. i try to ignore all the debra stuff out here but one night she came after me when I wasn't even talking to her. she said i was the one doing this all to her etc... i made the mistake of sassing her back. she told me she would pay big money to find me and get me face to face. it really freaked me out. i have 2 small kids and i am a single mom. i am scared of her and what she could do. the more i read her posts lately the more freaked out i get. is there any way she can really find out who i am and come get me? seriously, how safe and anonymous is this? please don't make fun...


Barbara - September 21

There's no way Debra or anybody else can access you without doing A LOT of expensive and highly sophisticated hacking. It's not the kind of thing that's possible outside of fantastic, sci-fi television shows. Don't let it get to you.


Mario - September 21

hey deb. two can play at that game. we know where you live (if you can call that living in that squallor)


Marlene - September 21

I've been all over this forum and I cannot find the exchange you refer to. In fact, it doesn't exist. If it happened on a different web site, then keep it there and don't bring it here. But I don't think it happened at all. It sounds like Debra up to her old tricks again, pretending to be "Scared", trying to stir up some more clutter. Debra---EVERYBODY is on to you. You are shaming and embarrassing yourself. Have you no self-esteem? Give it up, and stop selfishly wasting everybody else's time.


What ever - September 21

get real Lady.Your post is a joke.If your scared then you are really letting these guys get to you.You should be afraid of the real sicko that did this to her.


Brandy - September 21

Barbara, isn't it a shame that we can't even console someone without it turning into a circus. It doesn't matter who the person is that is posting. Reply with compassion and if it would happen to be this Debra who cares. Being angry only causes this whole mess to continue. Please everyone, for those of us that come here to share our FM stories, support and learn from each other, stop the madness!


Jane - September 21

yes, it DID happen! the crazy did it to me too. Marlene obviously you are not looking hard enough! have you read ALL the garbage for the last 3 months? ppl have mentioned her threats a bunch of times. I think it is scary too. You guys will be mean to anyone at this point! Shame on you!


Teddy - September 22

Well, well, well.....I like being scared, but I can see how it can be uncomfotable for some. As I always say,,,let the good times roll...Debra you a fucken toast


Teddy - September 22

Let me be perfectly clear on one thing, I'm a gay bastard! There,Iv'e said it!! I feel such a relief letting you people know that all my rude remarks were due to my inner conflict of being gay! I hope that all you women can forgive an old weiner lover!


Teddy - September 22

Wow according to Shebra (Debra/Shawna) it is a crime to be gay...That's pretty sad, as I said Backwoods Betty, it's time to get your driver's liscense and hit the big city. Speaks volumes about your character....


Kat - September 22

You said that this Debra would pay big money to find you to get you face to face.And that scared you.That is not a threat,that is so she could have help to assist you to a mental ward for tormenting her.You see people like you like to cause problems for other people.You should keep your nose out of it.By the way this post is not of Debra's doing,it is one of those sickos that want to get you all worked up.I have read some of these silly posts & comments.It is just a twisted mind game that someone has been playing.Alot of you as well added to it and played very hard to keep the fire burning.


Kat - September 22

I am a total liar, don't listen to a word I say.


Kat - September 22

What is wrong with this picture.Someone just used my name.Twisted..Your really sick out here.I guess the truth hurts.Take a hike.


Kat - September 22

just kidding... this place is crazy.


Teddy - September 22

I used to think it was a crime to be gay,but I'm not worried anymore about where I'll spend eternity just as long as I can have me some weiners!


Barbara - September 22

It doesn't matter WHO posted the original note about being scared, the point is not to let this trash get to you. Moreover, we ALL should be concerned if the dialogue has gotten to the point others are this hurt, tormented, or frightened. Please let this stop. It is inhumane and dastardly. "Scared", don't be frightened. Help us all clean up this web site so that we don't end up frightening people away. This behavior is damaging the web site to the extent that pretty soon we may lose it entirely and then a good source for help and support for truly suffering individuals will be lost. Please, have some compassion.


Barbara - September 22

Ted, There's nothing wrong in being gay and as far as I know, it is in no way related to FMS.



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