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6 Replies
gipsy - August 6

Can anyone tell me what i can take for this heat my body is on fire 24/7. i could phone a fireman but that would not be long term, help


chaplin - August 6

Hi Gipsy
I know what you are going through. When I was working I would go to the fridge and literally stand in front of the freezer part of it with my head and arms in it. The only thing that seems to help is an ice pack on my the back of my neck and a cool shower. I even sometimes lye on the tile floor in my undies. I am not in menopause but have been having this problem for a long time now. At first I thought it was my thyroid now that is under control. A few of us on this forum have had the same problem so I am led to believe it is one other lucky thing that comes with FM.
Those are my ways of coping but I would like anyone else's input also.


gipsy - August 6

Thanks Chaplin i will buy some ice cube,s and give it a go, my brother also has fibo its nice to be able to talk to someone who know,s what your going through,sometimes you think you are going off your head when you try and tell people the hell that we live with every day sometimes i get a day off but then it comes back twice as bad. as anyone found any for the pain that WORKS.I could buy a chest frezer and sleep with the lid open just a joke but a nice thought.


chaplin - August 7

That sounds like a great solution. I'll take one chest freezer and a fireman please!! L.O.L.
When it is winter I can't wait for summer and when it's summer it is too hot.


gipsy - August 8

Thanks Chaplin i,m glad you like my idea i just found out yesterday that i have the big c in my boob that one more thing to add to the list i hope they have air con in the ward and loads of ice or i will ask if they can put my bed in a igglue that not how you spell an ice house never mind by the time i remmber it would have melted you have to laugh else you would go mad. my poor daughter lost the plot just could not cope with the news bless her


chaplin - August 10

Sorry to hear your news. Sometimes it is really hard to cope with basic things and we realize that really we have to look at the bigger picture. My thoughts are with you and I hope for a speedy recovery. It is important to laugh sometimes it does me a world of good. I am sure you need to vent and cry as well. We are here to listen.
Let us know how you are doing


gipsy - August 14

Hi Chaplin,thanks for your kindness i am ok waiting for letter to have op people keep saying your so layed back about it. they have not got fibo that worst. i went to the docs on monday about being on fire driving me mad she gave me PREGABALIN 100 mg twice a day i took one on wednesday and within a few hours it had gone and the pains about 100% better i feel like a new me go and get some, tesco has just turned up have to go kind regards Gipsy



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