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I am new to this site Hi
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juniesbabes - May 10

Hi I am new to this site and suffer from FM I am scottish but moved to blackpool 3 years ago I am married have 2 kids up and moved away I am always in constant pain and it gets me very down I also suffer depression because of past events in my life. I have had a wheel chair delivered 2 days ago and at the moment i just sit and look at it as I dont know how to feel about using it. i know i need it as if i stand to long i am in pain and it stops me from getting out. I dont know how long i have had FM as I have been in pain for years after falling thro the loft and nearly killing myself i was dignosed in december. I feel when you have this it makes your life very lonely as you can not get out and about to meet people and sometimes feel on your own most times till hubby gets home I am glad i have my computer to keep in contact with people on line maybe I can make a few friends on here.


Fantod - May 11

Hello juniesbabes - Welcome to the general discussion. I undertsand how you feel. I have days when I am not able to get out or even manage simple things like a bath and getting dressed. You are not alone . I am sending you a hug and hopes for a better day.


ladypuddle - May 14

Hi I am the opposite moved from Liverpool to near Inverness. My advice with the wheelchair is go for it - I have one don't use it so much right now, but when I started using it 7 years ago it was amazing - Mum and I were able to do a shopping trip that would have taken me all day in an hour and with minimal pain even had energy to come home and watch a bit of TV

I was diagnosed in 1997 when I was 21 (3 days after my birthday), 10 years on I usually deal with it better, but I have had a long period of remission - in which I got married and had 2 kids - my daughter is 3 and my son 6 months but I feel myself going down again and I am scared.

My hotmail is [email protected] - I don't use it for email but if you have MSN messenger feel free to add me



jlh - May 15

Hi juniesbabes. Welcome to this site. We all understand how u feel and yes I agree it is very important to keep in contact with people. It is especially helpful to be in contact with people who understand how u r feeling


jlh - May 15

I also have a MSN messenger [email protected] feel free to add me



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