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I am in reverside today
4 Replies
axxie - April 23

Oh what a day, first it started with me putting the blender on, with no top, had a nice purple colored ceiling, wall and floor to mop up. Despite this little mishap, I did drink my milkshake. Ah if the rest of the day would be as kind to me, it wouldn't be half as bad. Yes, I am in full flare up, fingers are achy, my head feels it's having a field day turning and turning and my mind ain't there. I should have known. That trying to play the cool game with my events would end up haunting me. Hubby returned after a year's absence fr Afghanistan, he & his troop returned safe & sound. I big sign of relief, that they are all home safe.

So my body is in full flare up, and I don't like it one bit, I'm trying to remain calm and try to let my symptoms go away by itself.

Despite the vit b, d, e, c, and minerals and good nutritious meals, it doesn't really matter what you eat, if the heart goes boom boom and misses a few beats because it's joyous, you get to fill it a few days after the fact.

Time for an epsom salt bath and going to bed early hopefully get me on track for tomorrow.


Gabbie - April 23

I'm sure that having your husband away for so long didn't help your fibro symptoms. Although I haven't been on this site for some time and I'm new to probably most of the people here, I have to say to you that I'm happy to hear that your husband is home safe. I understand how you're feeling. I'm also getting closer to that full flair time and am experiencing the same as you. Certainly not fun but hopefully the flair won't last too long. I wish you better days!


belle1329 - April 23

I typed a message to you this morning and do not see it, I typed a long new thread yesterday and did not see it this morning, i thought I was having a duh moment and click post, but something strange is going on. Im trying this again with this note. I am logged in! Thanks sorry ths is a test.


belle1329 - April 23

wow very strange, boy do I feel stupid well its working now. sorry for my silly comments.

I had said this morning I was sorry to hear you were not feeling well,but was very happy for you of your news.
Hope you got some rest, feel better. :-)

My posting yesterday was my boniva nightmare, but Ill post it later it was very long and I dont feel like it right now again. I must be loosing it! :-(

Ps my last message was supposed to read...
I thought I was having a duh moment and FORGOT to click post! I cant take it!!! I feel so dumb!!!


axxie - April 24

Hey belle1329, know exactly how you feel, I wrote this email to my girlfriend in Texas, and she said she never got it, so a few days later, I look and I had saved half of it, in my junk emails. I can't figure out why, but anyway, I ended ditching the email and called her instead.

How are you feeling with this boniva, I don't know much except what I have read, and find it's much better to eat right and taking vitamins to help out, instead of taking these pharmaceuticals that you pay through the nose and don't need.

Did the rheumy say that boniva wold help you, cause what I know, there's no drug that can give you back what you have loss. What you can do, is to eat loads of green leafy vegetable. Since it's spring and summer, you'll be eating much more leafy green vegetable and if you cut down on the red meat you should see a difference.

Let me know what you think.



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