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Hypothyroidism, should you be on cytomel?
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Polarbearcub - January 17

Hi All,
I discovered something by accident. I have had hypothyroidism for at least 15 yrs. Years after I started treatment I was still very tired. At the same time (about 1999) a study came out about using cytomel on people who despite taking the right amount of synthroid were still symptomatic. My endo put me on cytomel, it took 100 mcg per day to make me feel, OK.

Eight years later this endo left anf I got another one. He had a fit about the cytomel but I refused to stop taking it. One of my yearly bone density test (started before they would put me on the cytomel and a heart test)came back that I had lost bone denisty and had osteopenia. I took calcium and reversed it. Then the calcium started making me sick. I got the bone loss again. By mutual agreement we decided I should come off of it and we did it over 3 months to see if I would not notice the effects and he increased the synthroid to .175. I started getting tired but I kept decreasing it. About two month I went to the GYN thinking I was in early menopause. She took test and said I was very far from it but I had better check with my endo because she thinks it's my thyroid. I called the endo in tears, I work at home on a computer and I would have to medically retire if something was not done. I was barely functioning at all. I went back on the cytomel (75mcg) and things got better.

So fast forward to today. I had my yearly appt wioth endo in Nov and I told him I thought the cytomel was helping me deal with some other illness. He suggested FM. Hmmm, I told him I had been diagnosed with it 9 years earlier but was trying to get pg so I could not be treated. I never believed I had FM so after a while I forgot all about it. Well I do have FM, I have all symptoms except 2, I think. I am tired all the time but not exhausted to the point of some people. So if you have FM, hypothyroidism and you are exhausted you might want to ask your Dr about cytomel. It could change your life. But beware that you cannot have any heart issues or bone loss. And if taken in too high a dosage it can cause these problems.

Cytomel has been abused by people for weightloss when they did not have hypothyroidism. I had a bottle stolen from a hotel room. It should never be prescribed if you do not have hypotyroid. Then it is dangerous because it creates hypertyroidism.



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