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Cher0208 - September 16

Hello all,

So I had my follow up with the Fibro Specialist after having tons of blood work done two weeks ago. She says I have Hypothyrodism. My TSH was 6.45. She gave me a prescription for Synthroid. I had to sign a paper that explained the very scary side effects. My boss from a few jobs ago had Fibro and Thyroid problems - so I hear it is common. Does anyone else on here have it and if so what are you taking? Anyone able to deal with this naturally? I called my Dad today to update him on my situation and I was blown away to hear that he has had Hypothyrodism for ten years and has been on Synthroid which he says helps. This is the first I heard of this. Wish my family would be more open about their health problems. Not sure if this could have been passed down or not. Also wondering what the chances are that this is what is causing all of my symptoms or if this is a side effect of whatever the real problem may be. I suspect I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which is means I would have high testosterone. If I find a decent GYN that confirms this then it might be safe to say that the high testosterone caused a thyroid problem?

Doctor also says I probably have Candida and wants to start treating me for it through diet, a supplement and unfortunately a months worth of Diflucan. The thing with Diflucan is it creates holes in your brain. Its an anti fungal drug and your brain is made up of fungus or so I heard about in a recent podcast about the thyroid.

I am conflicted about this because I'm afraid of taking a synthetic hormone. And I definitely don't want to take an oral anti fungal medication for a whole month!!!

She said my Vitamin D is on the low end so I have to start supplementing on that. Everything else was ok. No diabetes or insulin resistance. Iron was high actually, she said if that doesn't look normal again when I go for blood then she will refer me to a hematologist.

Any input is always greatly appreciated! Thanks guys. Hope everyone is doing well.


kvc33 - September 16

You can treat both your hypothyroidism and candida naturally. Probably a good idea for you to see a naturopath about it. The diet is pretty strict and you can take grapefruit seed extract to kill the candida. The brain is made up primarily of fat, not fungus. You can get natural thyroid supplements from a naturopath too. If you want to go it alone get some books from the library about both the candida diet and hypothyroidism or google about how to treat it naturally. Two people I know with CFS greatly improved once their thyroid was addressed. Usually the adrenal glands go first and then the thyroid. Look up hypoadrenia.


fibromite.u.k. - September 16

Hi Cher, please don't worry too much about this. I have an underactive thyroid too and it is very common to people with fibro. It can be heridetary. My father had it and so did two of my aunts. You will begin to feel less tired if you take the medication. You may only need a low dose to put you right again. The fungal problem is also common in fibro. I have it too and it is a really stubborn problem. Sometimes you just need some tablets for a short time. I hope you soon start to pick up from this.


axxie - September 26

Hi I have un underactive thyroid and I also take my little pill everyday, with my oj. Nothing further from the truth, it has nothing relevant between the two. As soon as you start taking your thyroid medication you will probably feel a little more active. Just one word of advice, take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with oj or another kind of juice/water. Do not take with milk, you will be sick to your stomach and get lots of cramps they just don't go together. If you must drink coffee or tea, wait at least an hour after taking your medication. You can eat as long as it has no milk involve. Taken with other drugs or with coffee, tea you won't get the full affect of your medication. I have been on my meds for years. There are more people over the age of 40 especially women with underactive thyroid. BTW Synthroid is the only one available in Canada. Store your Syntroid away from heat and sun and when taking your pill do not put your finger in the bottle to retreive your medication, grease from your hands your Synthroid will work but not release the full dose. Do not take with other drugs, at least two hours after or one hour before.



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