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Husband Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
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aseid5 - January 1

Hello to all. I am new to this forum. I am so very sorry that all of you have these issues to contend with. My husband suffered for almost two years before finally just recently receiving a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. However, the prognosis was made by a Neurologist who said he understood this.......but not really a good treatment plan was given. My husband went through so many doctors and they made him feel like the pain was all in his head. Finally, my niece's mother has Fibromyalgia and gave an excellent doctor referral who after seeing so many people suffer with pain opened his own Pain clinic and truly truly understands Fibromyalgia and Myofacial pain and all of the associated symptoms and syndroms affiliated with this. You fill out a form with all of the symptoms and answer a lot of questions and then the doc reviews and he will go over everything and will talk with you to the point to where you don't even have to try to remember the right questions to ask, etc. The doc checked my husband out from head to toe and along with the tender points there are knots in muscles throughout his body and when the doc pushed into each of these particular knots, it radiated the same kind of pain that he had been experiencing. There are knots in his chest and mid back that was causing the chest pains and breathing issues that led to lung doctors and heart doctors. There are knots in his low back that were radiating pain down his legs that neurologist thought may be coming from a couple bulging discs and so on and so on. My husband has widespread pain all throughout and when we go out somewhere after 15-20 minutes of walking, he is suffering. The new doc that my husband is seeing is so wonderful and has a good treatment plan and is giving little bits at a time for him to do and eliminate such as with dietary changes and massage and stretching. The doc gave a small rubber ball for massaging gently into the knots to get them softer so stretching can be done and if the ball alone does not work then trigger point injections can be put into the knots to help ease pain and then stretching can be done to help get the knots out. In regard to dietary changes, the doc wants him to eliminate pop and high sugary foods, etc. as the sugar (including artificial sweetners) can aggrevate the pain, also wanting him to try to stay away from wheat products (gluten free diet), there are other things as well. But with all of this said, a good doctor is highly needed along with support from family and friends, and even though it may be hard at first the dietary changes and lifestyle changes and yes stress is a big key factor as stress can highly aggravate the pain. This is a central nervous system issue and with the right treatment, some people can overcome this but many it is only managing it to a comfortable level. Each person is different. I am hoping that with this new doc for my husband, that he can finally at least have the pain more manageable to where it is not so severe if not all the way gone. I hope that all of you can find a good doc with a good treatment plan. I have heard too many docs saying all a person needs to do is just exercise and stretch (they all kept saying that about my husband - even the family doc) but there is more to it. You cannot stretch and exercise until the knots in the muscles become smaller and softer or else this will cause more and more pain and then the other things can follow to help. I hope some of this info has been helpful.



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