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Karkel - May 26

MY legs hurt so bad...they feel bruised from the top to bottom...hard to walk.I'm 52 and work full time. I am maybe 25 lbs over weight but not much I'm a size 10 and 5 ft tall.I take vicodin for the pain....also sometimes the back of my neck hurts really bad....I just don't know how I am gonna feel from day to day...during my period is the worst .


Fantod - May 26

Karke; - You posted about this under another heading. I am copying and pasting my response incase you forgot where it was:

Karkel - Have you had your knees checked by an orthopedist for osteoarthitis? It can be an underlying condition associated with FMS. You should see an orthopedic specialist to have them checked. You may neeed an MRI or xrays.

Your rheumy is an idiot to suggest shots without knowing specifically what is wrong. There is no way I would consider them under the present circumstances. If you think that your knees hurt now, a shot will make them ten times worse for a while. And, if they are using cortisone, you don't need that either. It depresses the immune system which something anyone with FMS should avoid.

If an exam by the orthopedist doesn't reveal anything significant, than you may be having problems with nerve pain. Gabapentin might be worth trying too.

In the interim, you could use a topical cream called "Ketoprofen" which is made up by a compound pharmacy. I recommend a 20% solution with lidocaine added. It should always be applied to clean, warm skin and NEVER layered. Apply after a hot shower or use rubbing alcohol first. This is a prescription. If a compound pharmacy is not convenient (they are everywhere) to your home, the script can be faxed in and the medication mailed to your home.

You could also try an over the counter sports cream. I like Arnica which you can find in any decent health food store. It is very good for muscle pain and also for breaking up bruises. It may help with the bruising sensation that you describe.

I hope that you can get some answers soon and find some relief. Take care.


mypain - June 1

I got on tonight just for this very reason. In the last several weeks, I have developed on top of horrible feet pain, now hip pain that is so severe that I have to take several slow steps to make sure my legs are going to hold me up. I am also experiencing horrible muscle cramps.

Anyone else with these symptoms? Any suggestions?


Fantod - June 1

mypain - Your foot pain could be Plantar Fasciitis which is a "perk" associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS). This is something that should be checked out by a podiatrist - preferrably a sports medicine specialist. And, it is nothing to ignore. You can cause permanent damage by doing so. It is usually treated with custom made orthotics and anti inflamatories.

Hip pain with FMS may be bursitis which is also associated with this complicated syndrome. I am so luck y I have plantar fasciitis and bursitis in both hips and shoulders. If the pain in your hips persists, I highly recommend that you see an orthopedist and have that checked as well. Bursitis can be very persistent and should not be ignored either. Fresh pineapple contains an enzyme that helps break bursitis up. Nevertheless, you need to see the doctor to be sure that is the problem.

Muscle cramps can be dealt with by using Malic Acid twice a day. It is a pill and should be available in any decent health food store. I take 825 mg twice a day - morning and again at bedtime. It relieves muscle cramping and twitching which can also be a problem with FMS patients.

I hope that this information is helpful. Take care.



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