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Hurt my wrist doing ... nothing?
2 Replies
iliveinpain - January 13

It's hard to type, so this'll be brief. Basically I feel like I pinched a nerve or something last night doing light housework and today I can barely move or lift anything with this hand. The pain is horrendous, I'm icing now and plan to switch to heat after 24 hours. Does this sound familar to anyone and can anyone offer any advice please? Thanks so much for any input at all. I really don't think the doctor will be able to do anything at this point. Fyi the pain is not throbbing, it's sharp pain with movement only. Doesn't hurt at rest. Thanks again.


January - January 14

Sure you didn't do something to it without noticing? If it doesn't hurt while it's at rest, keep it motionless -- maybe you can wrap with an Ace bandage or get a little foam cast. You probably should have doctor check it and get an X-ray. There are small bones in the areas of the hand and wrist between the arm bones and the longer bones that support the fingers. These can sometimes break with minor stress. (Similar situation with the foot and ankle - a number of tiny bones there that can break easily.) Because there are so many tendons and nerves that run through the area, I would really recommend that you have it checked by a doctor. Pain is a signal from the body that something is wrong. You don't want to lose the use of your hand or a finger. Take care.


January - January 14

PS. I broke one of those very small bones in my foot - and I didn't even notice when or how I did it - I had no pain. I just noticed that my foot started turning oddly when I tried to walk. It took me a long time to get a proper diagnosis, I finally had to go to an orthopedic surgeon - after a 2-week run-around with regular doctors and rude radiologists who gave me all sorts of different diagnoses… none correct. I wound up on crutches for a month. So get it checked out by by somebody who specializes.



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