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Humor in fibro fog
5 Replies
PEANUT - October 5

Hi. I have always thought that laughter was the best medicine and I thought, that, although 'fibro fog' itself is not funny, some of the things that we do (upon reflection) are quite humorous. Today I came so close to, when I was taking my daily source of Metamucil, filling my Metamucil container with water rather than putting the water in my glass then adding the fiber supplement. And it was a fairly new container which would have been wasted as I would not have been about to drink the whole thing - I would surely have taken up new residence in my washroom for the next week or more! I have done other 'silly' things in the past, but alas, the fibro fog won't let me remember any of them right now. It got me to thinking, why don't we share some of the more 'silly things' that we've done and laugh together over them? I think 'sharing' and 'laughing' together helps keep us in somewhat of a comfort zone. So, if you have a funny 'fibro fog' story, I'd love to hear it. And, again, I certainly don't mean to make light of this awful symptom, but maybe we can take a negative and turn it into a positive? L8R


seedbeads - October 6

Oooh I've got two. A few weeks ago I poured myself a bowl of cereal, and not only did I go to put the cereal box in the fridge, but I actually stood there for a full 30 seconds trying to figure out where I could fit it and what I'd have to move, before realizing what I was doing.
Just the other day, I was making tuna salad for my kids, and I had both the relish and mayo jars open, and I tried pretty darn hard to put the mayo lid on the relish jar. Got mayo all over it in the process. My husband must have thought I was nuts, standing in the kitchen giggling at the relish.


January - October 6

I love this idea! I think I posted this back when it happened -- but I carefully spooned a bunch of ribose and protein powder into my Odwalla drink (going to give myself a real boost!), and then buzzing away, talking on the phone (multitasking is a bad idea), I decided to really shake that bottle up.

As I shook it, I slowly realized the bottle seemed a little lighter - after a few shakes I realized I had not securely screwed the top on the bottle, so it had come off -- and I had been flinging the mess over my shoulder all over my kitchen (and me).

The air was blue as they say -- it took me a long time to wipe everything down!


Cher0208 - October 7

Lmao!!! Love this post! I work as a pharmacy technician and after heavily caffeinating myself I was filling a prescription. First I couldn't figure out why the cap to the big bottle of antibiotics wasn't fitting on the small bottle that the client is supposed to take home. A little while later I had to count 90 tablets of a medication that comes in bottles of 100. Well, you can guess that I gave the client 10 tablets instead of 90 and put the 90 back in the original bottle. Luckily, I caught it right away. And luckily, we have a system that every prescription we fill gets checked my another technician. But I had to laugh. Even though caffeine gives you energy it doesn't take away the fog so you're just doing stupid things at a faster pace. Another time a client called for a refill and I went to put them on hold for a minute. I pressed the counter!?!?, instead of the hold button and basically hung up on the person. I didn't even notice I had done that except that my nosey co-worker happened to be watching me. We had a good laugh though.


kvc33 - October 7

I routinely come home, take some stuff out of the car and leave the car door wide open so I can get the next batch of stuff in a minute. Trouble is, I never get back there and the next day I find my car with the door still hanging open or the window open while it has rained over night. There is a really funny remake of a song on utube that goes, "Midnight, I wake up and remember, that I left the door open and the groceries outside."


January - October 9

I've done that too! Left a bag of groceries at my front door. Left my car windows down during rainstorms. The worst thing for me seems to be trying to multitask (and I used to do it so well!) : P

Cher, I have a pretty funny picture of you running around charged on caffeine, going faster and faster! LOL



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