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How to deal with the pain
4 Replies
jasgal - September 15

I am new here. I have been diganosed for 5 yrs now but was trying to just deal with it on my own , and no longer can. Was perscribed Lyrica today 75mg at nite and morning. Can anyone here give me any helpful information about this medication. I am just so tired of being a walking pain. Thank you


bernieg - September 20

Hi jasgal, Welcome to the forum. I was diagnosed lasr year with FMS, I went to hell and back with pain. I went onto Lyrica at the begining, it didn't do me any good really, but, I gained so much weight in a short space of time. I have since lost 2 stone over the past few months, thankfully. I will never take them again. Went to my gp this morning because the pain getting bad again. She wanted me to go back on Lyrica, I said no way, never again. I'm on 75mg of amitriptaline and it has now been increased to 100mg. I found this med very good except I become tolerant and then I have to get it increased again, hopfully it works, for a while anyway. Sorry for going on, but I hope it was a bit helpful. Take care.
Bernie G


axxie - September 20

I have never tried lyrica but was amazed on how many people have said they had gained lots of weight in a very short period of time. Gaining weight with fibro is no help, added pressure on your joints will only add pain to you.

I was on Cymbalta and have to say the weight was not an issue, so you may want to try that one.

As for amitriptaline, is a casual drug they give to treat numerous people with numerous causes of pain or sleep problems.

If amitriptaline works, use it, as for getting increased to 100mg is not very much, so I don't know why your doctor would have a problem in upping your dose when needed.

I'm on ralivia 100mg, is a derative of opiods, and it works quite well, you take one and it last all day. I have found that ralivia takes care of most of all my pain, except when we have bad weather.

You need to be after your doctor and tell her what works and what doesn't. Sometimes you have to clarify certain points with them, because they don't no enough about fibro. So its good to keep a sort of agenda, with the kind of pain you have and how long the painkiller takes before it abserves the pain, and how long the pain killing will last, its the only way a doctor knows for sure if it works, and what to look for, for when someone becomes addicted to the pain killers.

Take care and hope that 100mg, takes care of your needs.


INPAINDAILYJC - September 21


I have been diagnosed with Fibro for over 2 years now (seems like I had it forever!)
I am still having problems getting my pain to be manageable! I started off with the pain patch and break thru darvocet. Then my doctor took me off of that and gave me 4 750mg Vicodins a day. Then I found out it was hurting my liver. So, now I am on Morphine Sulfate 30 xr twice a day. I had relief at the beginning, but now that I have been on it for a few months, the pain is back. I cannot get it under control! It is horrible! I have a vic for breakthru, but I had to get it from a friend, as my doctor won't give me anything for breakthru. And now I am waiting to see if he will GIVE IN and give me something, or if we are going to up the morphine.

So, if you can find something that does work for you, def stick to it!

Take care


INPAINDAILYJC - September 21

Oh and BTW, I gained over 30 pounds on Lyrica and saw NO improvement in my pain.



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