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How's it going at home :(
3 Replies
axxie - November 26

I have a 17 year old detainee, and she's daddy's little girl and a hubby is so clueless about raising a teenager!

Daughter took my new car and had accident, fine I can deal with that!, not happy, but it happens. Husband had a fit, not his fault, he had just returned from Afghan and was not doing well with having a grown up teenager in the family.

She the daughter had a fit in front of everyone and was crying and acting up, and saying her father was going to k.... her. We are 17 and we like to exagerate.

Tonight was not exception, hubby can't put his foot down, so I am left to parenting, and now that daddy is home and she finds me not fair, she goes crying to him, and get's to do anything she wants.

But when I'm alone with her, I don't have any problems, she knows, that I will not put up with her acting. She is just so emotional, it has caused me to want to take a few pills just to tune them out.

She has gotten away, tried talking to husband, I'm getting no reactions and I'm lost for words....

I can't wait to go back to work on monday, I'll have some quality time with myself.....


crafter8 - November 26

axxie-- I feel for you. Not only do you have fibro, you have it and the stress of a teen also! I am pretty positive all the stress from those teens, 3 to be exat, wasa lot of my fibro problems. These too shall pass and your house will be empty like mine and it will be better. Happy Thanksgiving!


Fantod - November 26

Hi Axxie - Sorry to hear that you are having such a stressful time. My oldest niece was assaulted by an ex boyfriend at college this past week. She's home now, OK physically but very angry. We now know that the ex has a history of erratic behaviour. He has been cited in the past for other assorted incidents on campus. The school "isn't sure" if they are going to expell him. So much for the school stalking policy. And, the Dean is a woman! The whole family has been in an uproar all week over this. You are defintitely not alone with your trials and tribulations. Take care.


Canada17 - November 26

Most teenagers throw fits but at 17, she's almost an adult and needs to learn that sort of scene isn't going to work.

You need to explain to your hubby that you have to be consistent, I'm sure you already have. But he needs to know it's counterproductive to give in to the fits, it only makes them worse - at any age.

My older sister - she's in her 30s now - has always thrown fits, and she always gets her way...even now. My parents just don't want to have to deal with her yelling and screaming so they just give in. At 30 she's still doing it and low and behold it's always someone else's fault.

I would suggest a good sit down with this problem child and explain to her that adults talk about their problems and explain why they think something is not fair. In the real world, when we act like a toddler, people treat us like a toddler, and who wants that?

If it persists, maybe she has something going on that both of you are unaware of that is upsetting her but she's letting it out on you and your hubby because she knows, no matter what, at the end of the day, you still love her.

Perhaps having her talk to a professional will help her iron out her issues. The teen years are tough and when new hormones are raging through your body on top of that, it can be difficult to process everything.

Good luck, axxie



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