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How old is everybody?
41 Replies
Gmasboy - October 9

I am 43 ... I too can look back now and trace symptoms as far back as Jr.High.


Heidi-Lee - October 10



Debra4Real - October 10

Hi:Barbar I'm 42.I have had fibro for 4 years.You had said that you have had it for a long time now,that is so horrilbe.I feel so bad for you.How have you be coping with this illness for so long?.Take care.Always Debra.


cutiepie65 - October 10

Hi there, I am 41,, I was dx about 4 yrs ago just as a techinicality, they have suspected for awhile when I got sick with Adrenal Gland problems and Cushings. thinking back,,probably have had most of my life along with endometrosis and tons of other things..nice meeting you all


cutiepie65 - October 10



barbar - October 10

Hey guys....yes, it does seem as if we have suffered from this disorder since our early teens. I'm actually thinking that it may have started with puberty because this is basically a hormonal disorder. Anyway, it's interesting that 'maleighamylove' mentioned having a low-grade fever for years. So did I. Guys, look at the similarities: it tends to strike first around puberty, starts with migraines, runs low grade fever, knocks us out most of our lives. I feel for everybody, but especially for 'maleighamylove'. I have often wondered how dreadful FMS would be for someone in a farming or coal mining sommunity, someplace where there is a real emphasis on physical labor. I guess the fibro-fog is as injurious for academics or folks doing intellectual or creative work. Well, we have a tough time, we know that, BUT this forum has demonstrated that it can make contributions. Just by going through and looking at similar symptoms we discoverd some nuances I've not yet run across. Wonder if these insights my be helpful for the researcher?


carm - October 11

I am 37 just diagnosed about 6months ago but it started about 7 years ago and took this long for doctors and then finally a rhuematologist to confirm. Just knowing is half the battle.


peedal - October 13

I'll be 38 in November, and I really can't remember a day where I felt well and truly "healthy"...


shellthom - October 25

35. Wow... I have also suffered with symptoms since childhood. I was tested for mono about once every 2 months or so. No doctors could figure it out. Why does the general Fibro information available say that it doesn't start until early adulthood??? So frustrating. I have been poked and prodded for 25 years.


barbar - October 26

As Shellthom points out, the generally accepted notion is that FMS doesn't strike until earlu adulthood. Well,if early adulthood includes the teen years, I guess so. And it does get worse with age. I'm not so sure the FMS itslef gets worse, it's just that the body has been fighting it for so long and may have accrued damage over time. In addition, they medical world does agree that FMS makes everything else you get feel worse, such as your arthritis, so it feels like the FMS is getting worse. All I know is that two years ago I could walk without crutches and now I can't. Barbar


shellthom - October 26

35. I, too, think I might have been affected as a child. When I was young, I was tested for Mono every few months becuase of my extreme fatigue, swollen glands and headaches. No one knew what do do with me - "It was all in my head." I started having more severe symptoms in my 20s, and was finally officially diagnosed about 3 years ago. So, so frustrating!


TERESA - October 26

Yes Barbara, not to mention how it WEARS on you mentally!! Complaining for years & doctors not being able to find ANYTHING wrong with you!!! Friends thinking you are just a complainer, family thinking you are a hypochondraic, doctors think you are nuisance & drug seeker!!! I can't tell you how many times I've been to the doctor & they have said "I can't find anything wrong"!! Then you just feal that much worse & you begin to dout yourself!!!


scooter985 - October 27



Maura A. - November 2

Age 50
I believe that it also started in my teen years. I was diagnosed 3 years ago.


sl73 - November 2



sl73 - November 3

50. Diagnosed at 47



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