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How old is everybody?
41 Replies
barbar - October 5

This is such an incredibly stupid question that has nothing whatsoever to do with FMS but I'm just curious. How old is everybody out there? It does have some impact because of life experience and how long we have had this disease. They've only been able to diagnose it since the late '70s and only realy since the early '80s. I am 55 (will be 56 in December). I was diagnosed with FMS in 2000 however, I can trace the symptoms back to junior high school. That is another thing for us to remember, typically we've had this thing for a lot longer that we've been diagnosed. So, I've had it for 43 years. It first showed up as migraines, the beginnings of the connectivity pain and fatigue, but the migraines were the strongest symptoms.


JJ1 - October 5



TERESA - October 5

I just wrote in the flu post that I'm 46. I'll be 47 in December also, December 5 to be exact!


Janie - October 5



Virg - October 5

54 in June. Mine started exactly the same as yours Barbara. As an elementary student I Did have a lot of stomache aches and dizzyness but don't know if thats fms or being anxiouse.


Kimber2270 - October 5



Amyloo - October 5

43. Diagnosed July 05. Problems started in 95 with cronic neck issues.


Stephanie417 - October 5

I just turned 29, I was only properly diagnosed in July, but you are right, my symptoms started about 10 years ago with muscle pain and problems with the neck and headaches.. My mother also has Fibro and she is 50, she has had migraines since she was an early teen, as well as unexplained symptoms throughout her 20's and 30's.. I need to get her to get on this site.. she would love the support too..


BrandyO - October 5

Hi everyone. I am 52, will be 53 in March. I also suffered the symptoms of fibro since about 12 years of age Mine started with fatigue and muscle soreness especially in my legs. When I was in my late teens I saw a doctor about it. I was overweight and he said that because I am heavy I have more nerve endings and that is why I have fatigue and pain. He said lose weight and you'll feel better. That's it, he ran no test, no nothing! At age 20 I reached my ideal weight. The symptoms remained. As the years went on I started suffering from depression and eventually saw a physiatrist. In the 8 years I was in therapy I was basically told all my symptoms stemmed from my emotional state of mine, in other words it was all in my head. After reading about fibromyalgia on line 5 years ago I made an appointment with a Rheumatologist. He diagnosed me with Classic Fibromyalgia during that first visit. By the way, I continue to struggled with my weight, always going up and down, but whether I am chubby or thin, I still hurt the same!
I wish you all the best. Soft hugs, Brandy


DEBRA - October 6



JoniB - October 6

I am 42. I started noticing symptoms in my early 20's with head & neck pain. Now I deal with a lot of pain, fatigue, depression & anxiety. I am on meds & see a Dr. regularly.


AmberRose - October 8

Im 26 and i was just diagnosed in sept and i have no idea when this could have started for me becuase i allways have pain from something or other since i was 11


TERESA - October 8

It seems like everyone here has had pain most of their lives. I also have had something wrong with me since I was a child! My mother used to call me a little hypochondriac!


colleen steele - October 8

Colleen here , I am 50 soon to be 51 in December.I just got diagnosed in Feburary but have have had symptoms for about 20 years.I just did't know what it was.


maleighamylove - October 8

Hi Barbar, I had migraines really bad since I was around 12 or 13, then I started having other symptoms of FMS all through my High School years. I was always hurting, parents and others thought I was just lazy we lived on a farm and it would just kill me to pick cotton, hoe whatever needed to be hoed, and then have to pick vegetables out of the garden.
When I first got married I was in bed half the time, we lived on a farm and I worked full time 5 1/2 days a week at my regular job, we raised tobacco, chickens, cows and there was always something to do until around 10 or 11 at night. I missed so many days from work because I felt like I always had the flu and was always having migraines.
With my second marriage we did not live on a farm thank goodness and I still worked 5 1/2 days a week, and I still missed a lot of work. I was always running a low grade fever, and always still felt like I had the flu.
You can read more about this on my website
I am 47 now, and through the years it has gotten much worse. I finally found a nurse practitioner who sat and listened to me, when I was thinking of committing suicide who said "OK something is wrong with you, we just have to eliminate what isn't. " That was 6 years ago. All the other docs told me it was allergies or whatever.
I see signs of this in my Daughter and Son and it scares me to death. They are 23 and 18.
Sorry didn't mean to write so much, but you are right, I think most of us can go back in years and find that we had the symptoms long before the diagnosis, or finding someone to "Diagnose us".


carltod1 - October 9

I am 45 and I had my first flare up at 15. I was diagnosed in 1993 when I was 33 years old. The past 4.5 years I have been in a terrible flare up. Mine has become worse each time it flares up. The symptoms have become more widespread and severity is worse. This is the fourth major flare up and each time something else symptom wise has appeared. This past time IBS started in June 2002, lost 30lbs in 3 weeks.


Gmasboy - October 9

I am 43 ... I too can look back now and trace symptoms as far back as Jr.High.



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