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How often do you nap?
7 Replies
Noca - June 9

How often do you nap? I am so sleepyyy. I just feel like dozing off. I can't drive like this. I slept from 2:00am till 11:30am. I would think that's enough sleep.


mimosette - June 9

I try my best not to nap, as I have such problems falling asleep at night.

But you got 9 1/2 hours of sleep, that might not be enough. I can get by every once in a while with that much, but if I don't get a good 10 hours every night/day (I am a night owl), I start feeling tired all the time.

And sometimes I still DO feel tired, even after 10-12 hours of sleep.


appleannie - June 9


The thing about fibro is that it prevents a lot of people from reaching REM stage and achieving restful sleep. So, no matter how many hours you're sleeping, you might be staying in the early stages of sleep. I use a supplement that dissolves in water that has a lot of Magnesium and MSM. I also take melatonin, which is a (harmless nonhabit forming) supplement which is basically the hormone that tells your body to go to sleep when it's dark outside and wake up when it's light. If you use it and want to sleep late, you may find yourself needing dark curtains. :) Melatonin is supercheap too.


Noca - June 10

Just had a 2 hour nap. Feel a little better.


Fantod - June 10

Noca - I lie down every day for a couple of hours. I may or may not nap but I have to get off of my feet due to fatigue. If I do feel like napping during my break, I try to limit it to about an hour. I have a very difficult time with sleep at night so overdoing it during the day is not an option. The key thing to remember is that just because you are sleeping, it doesn't mean that it is restorative (deep sleep). Take care.


tnichel - June 10

A couple of times a week I take a nap on my lunch break. I try not to when I'm at home b/c a 1 hour nap can turn into a 3-4hours. But most of the time I do feel better after napping. Not as cranky... fortunately for my coworkers.


fibromite.u.k. - June 10

I think that if you are very tired and need to nap during the day, then you should do so as long as it doesn't stop you sleeping at night. I get annoyed with people who say that you shouldn't, as this may be true for healthy people, but we have a lot of problems with our fibromyagia. I find that if I sleep until about 11a.m. or later, then I can usually get away with not napping during the day, but not always. However, if I have to get up before about 10a.m. I almost always have to nap in the afternoon or early evening for about an hour. I usually try not to sleep for more than an hour during the day and sometimes set the alarm for between thirty minutes to an hour. I think you should do what your body is telling you.


solanadelfina - June 11

I tend to lie down for a breather and shut my eyes more than napping. I'll curl up on one of the couches at work during my lunch break after eating, or the afternoon is harder to get through. At home, I'll crash in bed for a few hours if my body demands it, or if I accidentally eat something naughty. I agree that one needs to listen to one's body.



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