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How may of you drink diet drinks
34 Replies
katie - September 10

How many of you that has fibromyalgia drink
diet drinks with aspartame?? I was told the two are linked.


Brandy - September 4

I don't drink diet sodas or any sodas for that matter. I used to brew my own decaf ice tea with Splenda to sweeten. I stopped and switched to all water about two months ago. Still do not see a difference in how I feel, but I am sticking to the water any way. Has to be better than any thing else.


TERESA - September 4

You will never catch me drinking DIET anything!!! YUCK! I' ve always drank water & lots of it.


jack-splat - September 4

hey chicken-face, lay off the JUICE!!!!!!!!


Kim - September 5

I've never drank diet drinks. The aspartame gives me a migraine, even with just one sip of the drink.


Virg - September 5

I love my diet coke.


Virg - September 5

I LOVE my coke....


Virg - September 5

How embarrassing email should have
read diet coca cola . fiber fog strikes again


JJ - September 5

I have been drinking diet sodas for the past two years or so, but the fibromyalgia hit me before I started. Before that, I would drink colas on occasion but not regularly. Somehow I am now in the habit of a diet cola per day.


MB - September 5

I quit drinking diet soda about a year ago but still do consume so nutrasweet with other foods. Try to keep it to a minimum though.


Virg - September 5

sometimes \i like to throw a chicken breast on the BBQ, lots of protein & so tasty. on the weekends we like to 'crock-pot' which usually means tossing some ham-bones in the crock and stewing til it falls off the bone, so damn good. after a few hours add some onion and peas, simmer for a few more and dig in. add some chunks of crusty bread to the mix and its a party in your mouth. so good.


Lola - September 5

that crock pot story is really gross. is it just me... but I am failing to understand the relevance of that story???


annie - September 5

I do drink a lot of diet pop. someone said that it causes 'fibro-like' symptoms, i have heard that. that crock pot story was gross. i am a vegetarian & that was like carnivore's porn (falling off the bone....gag) to me. real sick.


KIM - September 6

HAMBONE? ewwwwwww....... that IS gross. I also don't see the point? just me?


Maureen - September 6

no matter how much you drink, the pain will not go away. try to keep it to a minimum, you don't want to add another illness on top of everything else we have to deal with already.


Parker - September 6

Virg? what the heck is up with the "hambone" post? so you eat chicken..... okay.... so what.....really strange... what the heck is going on around here?


barlowe - September 6




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