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How many people that have Fibro have had mono?
8 Replies
SnowBear72 - November 2

How many people that have fibro have had mono? I was just wondering beause I read people that have Fibro have had mono! Thanks!


tnichel - November 3

many people have epstein barr after having mono. my mother has it and it set her back a few days a month. But I have never had mono. at least not knowingly.


Fantod - November 3

I had it about 30 years ago. As I said in another post, I'm not convinced that it has anything to do with FMS. Fibro does run in families, so there must be a genetic key to it. It may skip generations and then resurface. If I had my choice about winning a lottery this would not be the one. In my own case, I know it comes from my Dad's side. He has a lot of health issues related to FMS but not FMS itself. As for another relative that may have had it - there is no one left to ask. One of these days, a researcher will find the key. Until then, stay on top of new developments by googling fibromyalgia and see what pops up. Take any information, including mine, with a grain of salt. There are a lot of organizations out there who take advantage of people who are ill. If you have more questions, ask away. Take care.


JJ1 - November 10

I have fibromyalgia but I never had mono. A coworker has Epstein-Barr that resulted from a case of mono and his symptoms seem very similar to mine.


greeneyedlady138 - December 6

I had mono more than 30 years ago. My youngest daughter has all the symptoms of Fibro but has yet to be diagnosed. She has never had mono. Could it be passed from mother to child?


shann - December 13

I had mono so bad in High school I was hospitalized


jadiegirlcat - December 16

I had what was then called Chronic Mono in high school - 20 years ago. The kept testing postive for mono for about 9 months. I also tested positive for Epstein-Barr. Afterwards, my doctor said I had chronic fatigue sydrome that would get better with time - again this was 20 years ago and CFS was a new thing. All through my ordeal with mono I had serious joint pain and have joint pain and general malaise since. I was diagnosed with fibro about 8 years ago. No one in my family has fibro or anything like it so there isn't a genetic link with me.


Anne Hillebrand - December 16

One of the 4 Routes to FMS is the Viral Route.

It is commonly: serious flu, mono, epstein barr, chronic fatigue, then Fibromyalgia.

Cold sores may be common, also.


Jeanwe8 - December 16

I've also read that. I have fibro currently, and have also had mono in the past. Had to be hospitalized with it (the mono, not the fibro). Although when I'm having bad days from fibro, I feel like I could be hospitalized! I'm sure we've all had those days! Take care.



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