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How many people do natural things ?
2 Replies
LindaQ - December 11

I have had alot of success in treating my Fibromyalgia with naturals, herbals and vitamins. Wondered if others had tried that? One of the best things I have tried in the last 3 years has made alot of improvement for me- Turmeric ( learned of this 1st from Dr. Andrew Weil but lately Dr. Oz has talked about it on Oprah). I take Natural Factors Brand , Turmeric and Bromelain.
My SED ( internal inflammation rate runs high with my Fibro, some say then you have something else but I know of others with high SED rate also). I tend to think I have Polymyalgia and not Fibromyalgia but usually medical community does not recognize Poly in folks under 50 which I am. But I tend to think I sometimes know more than they do, as I have been dealing with it longer and actively.
Anyway, the Turmeric is a natural anti inflammatory, so if you get the inflammation down in your soft or Fibrose tissues then they hurt less. Also good for blood vessel health. Symptoms that have been better for me; over all pain ALOT less, stiffness not as much, cognative symptoms better especially short term memory, headaches are basically gone ( still have some at PMS time, when inflammation is even higher or when allergies and that are happening at same time) but no real migraines like before, IBS symptoms much better if not controled ( that is due to the Bromelain too), have a neck injury in my C5-6 and I have not had to see the physical therapist for over a year because it helps that too.
I have gotten my parents to try it ; mother also has Fibro, my father has arthritis and it is the first relief he got from his back pain, husband also takes it for his knees and he is a baseball pitching coach so he is catching kids alot etc. and a friend with Fibro and other things and we have all had success.
We all take other meds and it does not interfere with that. But by using vitamins and naturals I have kept off perscription meds. Only med I do take is for my thyroid, as there is no natural substitute for that.
Anyway, I would try it and if you don't know if your SED rate runs high, see if you can get it checked, blood test.
Not a cure but sure makes it MUCH MUCH better for me anyway and others I know and no side affects or worse like with meds. You will pee it out basically. But as with all things, always tell your doctor what you are taking, even with vitamins etc.



Fantod - December 14

I have been seeing a nutritionist for almost a year. She has me using a variety of things to help. I use Bromelain to treat chronic bursitis in both hips. It has taken almost the entire year to get much relief but it is more tolerable now. I also use freshly ground ORGANIC flax seed - 1 tablespoon a day to fight inflammation from underlying issues other than FMS. I just add it to yogurt or in a powdered drink mix. D- Ribose and sublingual B-12 with folic acid
for energy. A calcium supplement with magnesium and boron. Magnesium helps relax sore muscles. Malic acid is useful for FMS too. Finally, I might suggest you try the SULFATE form of Gluscosime Chrondroitin for inflammation in joints. I find this is far superior to taking regular Osteo Bi-Flex®. You can find any of these items in a health food store. Be sure that you understand the possible risks and side effects before taking any of this stuff. Best of luck to you and happy holidays.


susan haywood - December 20

Hi, Yes at last I am free of pain. I have been taking magnesium tablets. I am coming off the cortisone slowly, and I am feeling great. I have had this horrible Fibromyalgia since I was 16 on and off and the last bout has lasted 2 years. I am now 56.
The only thing that has worked for me is Magnesium tablets.



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