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how many of you work still?
10 Replies
melvian - August 9

I am fasced with a dilema. Do I continue working, or call it quits. I have heel pain, tailbone pain, back pain, neck and shoulder pain. On any given day, they may all hurt while I'm at work. But for the most part my heels take first place. I recently had employees 'gang' up on me saying that I baby the fibro to much, or I don't do enough( although my manager disagrees) What to do. What to do.


HAPPy - August 9

I worked until I had no Stregnth left in m, I wroked in pain and just thought it was somtheng I'd get over. I am going to ask my Primary Care Dr to considder me totally disabled as I can no longer take the pressure and stress from work and co-workers. Maybe you should also.


islandguy - August 9

I have been working until 3 months ago. You are right that the coworkers think that you are always "milking" fibro as there are no visible symptoms to the eye.
Before I had fibro I thought that there was little out there that would stop me from doing the things I loved. I was wrong. I was also one of those that loved the job. Simply my body told me when it was time to pack it in and listen to the signs and symptoms and try not to bring on a "Flare up". Flare ups hurt and I want as few of them as I can possible get. Yet it seems that the last 3 weeks has been a succession of pain and intolerence.
Take care and listen to your body signs....


JJ1 - August 10

My answer was to go to part time work. (24 - 32 hrs per wk). It has done well for me for the last 8 years. I return to full time next month and am very nervous about it.


cwilliams - August 11

My pain doctor says that the worst thing a patient can do is become inactive, because you have no distractions from the pain. I am a teacher and I am very worried about the coming school year ,foot pain also.
Can you afford to quit? I haven't looked into disability yet.


sally5 - August 12

If you are thinking of quiting and filing for disability it takes about year and that is with a lawyer helping you. It is a long process but it is worth it at the end. If you can not work anylonger. My doctor told me last year that i can no longer work i have fibro from head to toe. I wish you alot of luck for what if you chose.


lili - August 13

I am still working. My job is very demanding. I'm on my feet all day with no break. I work through the pain, and my pain is all over my body.
I made the mistake of letting co-workers know I have this, and yes, they are not kind. I think the hardest part to take is the stress. My job is high stress so I am looking for something else. I feel I need the movement of not sitting at a desk. The more I move, the better I feel.


islandguy - August 13

In response to lili ''s post. My pain specialist has insisted that a good cardio workout is good for fibro and he has many successes with prescribing it.
You say the more you move the better it is. Maybe take my dr's advise and join an arobics class. If you do let us know how it goes. I do bike riding when I can and it seems to help if you get your heart rate up a little higher.


JJ1 - August 14

islandguy, have you tried aerobics? Do you go with a low impact class? I definitely feel better with exercise, but my doc asked me to stick with low impact exercises, so I try to swim and take long walks. I would like to try something else. Someone recommended pilates (I know not aerobic, but good exercise) but wondering if that could be too much strain. I made the mistake of trying a spin class and it was when I was anemic but did not know it and it almost made me sick with exhaustion and my legs cramped up (now I know it was because of the low iron and my blood not carrying enough oxygen) so even though I have the anemia under control, it has made me a little afraid of heavy exertion.


pdljmpr - August 15

I filed for disability and now I have to wait on the hearing. They say 2 years. My hubby and I are barely making it and if I could find a part time job I know i could really do I would be there doing it.
Good luck.


linda brown - September 29

you know there's something wrong, i worked as a nurse for 16 yrs and starting having a lot of neck and shoulder pain everyday, and i quit working in 2005 and am waiting for an answer from disability, my lawyer says i have a good case and good documentation, that's very important if you ever plan on applying, make sure to see your doctor.



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