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How many of you have heartburn or GERD?
12 Replies
JJ - August 29

Just curious. How many of you take meds for heartburn or gastric reflux disease and what medication do you take. I take Nexium, a proton pump inhibitor (also Prilosec), and there are also hystamine blockers (zantac, pepcid, tagamet). Just wondering if for some (I don't think all) whose symptoms have been written off as FMS, could we really be suffering from poor absorption of nutrients due to the lack of or decreased stomach acid from these meds.


JJ - August 15

Just wanted to add this excerpt of an article I was reading:

"Stomach acid and bile flow help maintain normal health in the gastrointestinal tract. Stomach acid supports digestion, helps the body absorb vital nutrients, digest protein by stimulating pepsin production, and helps prevent bacterial and fungal overgrowth.

Bile flow also helps support normal gastrointestinal health by carrying toxins out of the liver, excreting cholesterol, and keeping the small intestine free of parasites. Both are essential to overall health and are important factors in preventing premature aging.

So, if you're among the millions of Americans who suffer from dyspeptic complaints, forget about the pharmaceuticals that decrease the acid that's vital to healthy digestion and health and longevity. Consider adding Artichoke Leaf Extract, mastic, Digezyme® and Lactobacillus sporogenes to your health regimen. These safe digestive aids naturally boost the body's ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients without harmful side effects … and will maximize the health of your digestive tract and promote the health of your entire body."


Virg - August 15

I"ve been taking PARIET (Losec prior) for
years, but my FM symtoms started before the


Chris2 - August 15

Hi JJ I've had GERD problems for quite a long time. I've finally got it under control, I'm even able to eat tomatoes. Sometimes it still catches up on me though, but at least I don't barf up the acid at night and then inhale it anymore. I've got Fibro, Raynauds, IBS, Asthma,and some other weird things happening that the doctors are still trying to figure out. Well, best of luck to you JJ. Yours in healthy living, Chris2


Jozette - August 15

I am 33 and have Fibromyalgia and Gerd. I used to take prevacid but I found that zantac 150 works just as well as needed instead of everyday. Prevacid is so expensive. I ask my doctor for 60 count zantac 150 generic and I only pay $10. And I use it only when I have foods that aggrevate me like mexican or pasta and pizza. This saves a lot of maoney!


jack - August 15

just wondering. if something makes you sick enough to barf up and swallow it in your bed at night why not try not eating it? seems healthier and more effective than taking a bunch of drugs!?


Chris2 - August 15

Hi Jack, I don't take any meds now for GERD.
It took quite a long time to get it under control.


JJ - August 15

The reports I am reading are that you need stomach acid to help your body absorb essential nutrients, like iron, vitamin C, and even iodine (which someone recently posted about). When you take medicines (nexium, prilosec, prevacid, zantac, tagamnet, etc) for heartburn, it neutralizes stomach acid so that you can't absorb these nutrients as well. Deficiencies in these essential nutrients can cause symptoms very similar to what I am experiencing and has been attributed to fibromyalgia. My GERD started before my FMS systems, so I see a possible link here, for me anyway. My problem is that my GERD is so bad, I can't imagine leaving it untreated. I have a mild hyatal (sp?) hernia which keeps my esophagus partly open, allow gastric juices to enter my throat and mouth (and thus the "barf in my sleep" experience Chris2 mentions). I see my general doc this week and will bring it up. My try to schedule a visit with my gastroenterologist as well. Just wondering if anyone else has these issues -- GERD/heartburn first, then onset of fibromyalgia-like symptoms.


JJ - August 15

Jack - my GERD is unrelated to what I eat and causes constant heartburn without meds, but mine is due to a mild hyatal (hiatal?) hernia in my esophagus. If it was a matter of stop eating tomatoes or some sort of particular food I would do it in a heartbeat rather than medicate myself.


christian - August 22

yup i have this too..
coffee gives it to me as well as red whine almost right away. i just take over the counter heartburn chew pills.


Anne Hillebrand at FibroFix - August 27

Not a stomach acid problem. It's a Saliva acid problem.

Prove it to yourself. Check your Saliva pH. Cheap test kits at Vitamin Shoppe, etc. $10 or so does 300 tests. Just wet a little piece of test paper and it changes color. Compare to the color chart on the package. Each color has a number - that's your Saliva pH.

For Fibros, this, and Thyroid test are the most important thing you can learn.


JJ - August 28

I definitely have a stomach acid problem. I can feel it sort of boiling up from my stomach not down from my saliva. My concern is that now, when medicated, I am not producing the acid I need to disgest food and absorb nutrition.


Dani - August 29

Yes, I do take Prilosec everyday first thing in the morning- I have found the generic on Ebay for about 1/3 the cost of store-bought and it works just as well



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