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How many of you have gone on disablity
6 Replies
cprruby - November 11

I am to the point that my doctor does not know what is triggering my FM. I was even sent to a cardiologist just cause I had chest pain one day. I have been missing work and when I am at work I am getting slower. I am having trouble seeing that I have to pull my monitor close to me. I am having to use a cane to help me walk at times. But at what point does one have to quit their job and go on disablity. Is it hard to get it having Fibromyalgia. I am scare to quit my job because I don't know if I have a change of getting disablity. No medication is helping me I am just on pain meds and sleeping pills. Any advise out there from someone that has gone through the process in getting disablity?

Thanks, cruby


axxie - November 11

In the US, try Allsup has been helping people obtain Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) awards nationwide for 25 years with a 98% success rate. The best thing, is it cost you nothing until you win the case.

If my mind serve me right, there are quite a few who have used them.

Was on disability from CSST in Quebec, because of my accident and presently they cut me off, and going through a lawyer to get my benefits returned.


Fantod - November 11

It was an extremely hard decision to make but I finally gave in and contacted Allsup. They have a 98% success rate in getting Social Security disability. You can find them online - register and they will set up a telephone interview to see if you qualify. If you do, the whole process takes about 6 months. They take nothing if they are not successful or 25% of your back pay if they succeed (that's a typical amount no matter who you use). Allsup does all of the paperwork; they are extremely professional and pleasant. I'd recommend them to anyone considering this route. My case was resolved in 6 months with a minimum amount of fuss on my part. Good luck and take care.


lorieholtz - November 12

ohh how i realize how hard of a decision this is to make. i know it was for me at least. i loved my job, but it just got to the point after my neck surgery that it was impossible to return. i had used up all my fmla time and the ppl i worked with at that time were not supportive, but they do need reliable ppl too. first of all u have to have a dr that supports your decision of being disabled, if not then it will be very difficult to impossible to obtain. by the time i had decided that i would never be able to return i had 2 specialist that recommended me to go on disability. wow what words.. for me it was like a slap in the face to hear u can never work again. trust me the pay is horrible too. my poverty level is so low now that its hard for me to get by. but i'm so glad its there cux its better than no pay at all. good luck and talk to your dr about it.


Noca - November 12

I've been on disability for 3 years now. I plan on staying on the income support till I'm done university and stay on medication/dental support for the rest of my life.


flangela - November 15

hello i receive full disability allowance and have done for 4 years even though i was only suspected fibromialgia i am know diognoised but places like benefits advice centres can help you with your form my partner had to give up work 2 years ago to help me so having this was a god send just think of your worst day when filling it in at all questions and you shouldnt go wrong some days i feel like people are thinking i a lazy but then they havent got it so you just dont need people like that in your life i just wish there was more awareness of it but fingers crossed you get what you deservre once o disability it opens a lot more doors so make sure you get a benefit cheque once you have it


Sonja44 - November 19

I finally got disability this year. It's a long process....even with an attorney...but you do need to have a law firm familiar with FM on your side.

Some days I feel guilty because I feel good... but still can't do what I used to do...and I see some folks worse off than me.

I'm very grateful I have disability. Working just isn't an option with the severe flare ups...brain fog...fatigue...etc.

Good luck...whatever you decide.



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