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How many meds
12 Replies
tnichel - May 7

Just wondering how many prescriptions you take a day. My mother and I were having a discussion about this the other day. She says I should be on as little meds as possible. I take 4 a day. I take pain meds a couple times a week. But I'm starting not to be able to keep up with them all as I have about 8 meds in my purse at all times.


axxie - May 10

Hey tnichel, I think it's very much different for everyone because not all doctors know how to treat fibro and everyone has their own little quirks.

I take Cymbalta 60mg, once a day in the morning, and I take Trazadone to sleep at night. I also take pain medication for when I flare up, but this is temporary until I see the rheumy.

I have to take three 2.5ml injections of VIT B12 because I'm B12 deficient or called Pernicious Anaemia.

I have to take a cocktail of vitamins, such as B100 twice a day, one multi vitamin, C, D, Iron and extra calcium, etc.

That is just to maintain a good day, when I'm in a real bad state like today because it's been raining here for the last three days, I also have to take a dierectic, ibs pills, thyroid pills and lots of advil, tylenol etc.

A cocktail of them, I would say, I wish I had to only take a few pills, but not with me, maybe others.

Hope this helps, and yes, I keep a variety of pain and vitamin pills in my purse to just get through the day.


solanadelfina - May 10

Hi, there. For the time being, (knocks on wood), I have my tramadol for pain and peroxicam (generic for Feldene) for sleep at night. Usually I take one tramadol every morning, but will take a second if it's raining or just one of those days. I also take a multivitamin and magnesium supplement every day.


tnichel - May 10

Thanks for responding guys. Glad to know I'm not alone. I had tramadol for the pain but I ran out. And all my doctors refuse to give me more so it's been hell the past two weeks with all the rain and what not. (they says it's a level 4 narcotic so they won't prescribe for the long term) I see a pain management doctor tuesday and i can't wait.

I still need to check on the b12 defiency though. My mom gets monthly shots. How did you determine whether to take a multi-vitamin vs. specific vitamins?

Axxie, I live in fear a cop is going to pull me over, look in my purse, and think I'm trafficking drugs. lol.


Fantod - May 10

In principal, I agree with your mother. My mother has the same opinion. Personally, I feel that if they had to live with FMS for a week, they'd be begging for medication.

Unfortunately, this particular syndrome can cause a cascade effect of other problems if medication is not used. FMS creates a great deal of stress on other systems in the body. Not treating them effectively only seems to further complicate an already messy medical situation.

Currently, I take four things in relation to FMS that are prescribed. Amitriptyline, Cymbalata, Gabapentin and Mobic. That doesn't include the topical pain medication (Flector and Ketoprofen) that I use in leiu of an oral meds for pain (allergic). I also use some homeopathic stuff because of my sensitivities.

Incidentally, I keep a running list on my computer with the doseage information. Everytime I see a doctor, I simp;y hand them an updated copy of their files. Saves me having to remember it all.

I have learned learned to be very organized about my daytime and nightime meds. Anyone watching me assemble my daily dose of modern pharmacology is generally horrified at the amount. It has taken some time to figure out the best mix and doseage. Now that I have it, I plan to to use it. I feel that I'm better off with it than trying to function without it. Take care.


axxie - May 11

Hey Tnichel, yes, I know what you mean about the cocktail of pills. If ever I was stopped and they would see the pills coming out of my purse, they probably think I was pushing pills. lol

We will hang on because we are stubborn people and we will not ie in pain, we will push on....


tnichel - May 13

Update... I saw a pain management specialist yesterday and boy am I glad I did. He prescriped tramadal to take in themorning, a muscle relaxer at night and another pain bil for migraines, and bentyl for ibs w/ nausea. Some of them my other docs refused to prescribe. And he also confirmed multiple trigger points in my neck, shoulders and backs are causing the most problems so I will be getting the injections since massages are no longer helping.

I'm glad I went in despite the rheumy and pain management. He was a great listener and said he wouldn't be able to fix in two weeks but to give him time and he'd get me to a good place.

So again, for the newly your research and do what you think is best for you...not what one doctor thinks is best for you. And thanks again Axxie and Fantod for all of the suggestions and advice. About 18-months into this I'm finally getting the results I need. It's been a tiring, discouraging quest to find good doctors but I finally got there!


solanadelfina - May 14

I'm glad that it worked out well for you, and tramadol has been a Godsend. Kudos on doing what was right for you and following your instincts.


axxie - May 14

Hey tnichel, happy things are going right, it must be a relief of your shoulders that this doctor was able to listen and understand what you were going through and him saying work with me and I'll get you in good condition.

Now that I have found a pain specialist at the hospital, I shall be happy if they want to take me on and treat me. (They decide by what the doctor writes, if you are able to be their patient. My doctor can't see me prior to June. So I am on my own until then.

I shall prevail. Keep your stories coming tnichel.


mimosette - July 14

Does insurance usually pay for pain management doctors?


LastsGal - July 15

I'm on Anthem BCBC & they pay for my pain managements visits and my meds.

I take one pain med 4 times during the day, a different one before bed, an NSAID in the morning, muscle relaxer 3x per day & an anti-anxiety pill 1-3 times per week on average. I also have a sleeping pill I hardly ever have to use anymore.

I have a separate purse with only medications in it. After I got to a full "morning/noon/evening/bed" pill case in my purse, I figured it best to start keeping the bottles with me. lol


tnichel - July 15

mimosette- it depends on your insurance company but I believe most do since a pain management doc is real doctor. Give you insurer a quick call and ask them. It's well worth the trip since they stay up to date on all the latest pain meds.My doc is even taking over management of all my fibro meds since my rheumy isn't of much use. It'll buy me time until I find a new one.


FibroGal - July 15

I'm not on anything for the fibro. I just put up with it. :( Not because I'm a martyr or a hero, but because I'm so sensitive to side effects. I'm already on meds for GERD, anxiety and depression, and a slew of vitamins. I don't want any more. Wish there were 100% effective, guaranteed-harmless, side effect-free meds or, in short, a cure.



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