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How many are from Ontario
7 Replies
axxie - November 25

Hi there Ontarians, just wanted to know, how many we are, it's nice to be able to help each other.

I'm from Ontario, actually from National Capital, and where do you come from......(no city name)Please.



Fantod - November 25

I was from Ontario, I now live in Metro Detroit. Since I am so close to the border, I think that


Canada17 - November 25

I'm in Ontario, quite close to you axxie, we could be neighbours!


Noca - November 25

Im from Ontario, 1 hour out from Toronto.


axxie - November 25

You count Canada17 lol, so close.....


axxie - November 25

Fantod, you count, metro Detroit is so close.... I often pass by Detroit, or so I did..... not anymore. You have better weather, and do Noca.


ptalana - November 25

I'm also an Ontarian, live about 45 mins west of Toronto. Close enough to enjoy the shopping, but far enough to enjoy the quiet!!!
Have a great day all, Patty:)


axxie - December 8

I'm close to downtown but where I live it's quiet and feels easy to live. I got up a hill and voila I have everything I need to shop, go a few extra miles and I have shopping malls galore, big box stores you name it.

I can sit in front of my house or back and not hear the cars, that's nice. We still see rabbits and miss mew (skunk) parading in our backyard. It reminds me this spring hubby and I were sitting on patio and was close to my flower, anyway we heard and saw some rummaging and my hubby thought it was the cat, so he put his hand out to pet the cat, out came miss mew, she stayed there and seem to like my husband petting her, until I said, I hope you know you are not petting the cat, but petting miss mew. He froze, oh if you could just see his face and hand just freeze, it was classic case of funny. He hubby says in his defence, well the damn cat is big enough to be one and he his white with dark black spot and he does like to run in the flowers..... I though that was funny, miss mew went on her way and we decided to move in the sunroom fear that we would get perfumed.



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