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How many are depressed?
19 Replies
Noca - November 15

How many of you with FMS/chronic pain are suffering from depression as well? If yes then what form of depression(major depression, atypical, bipolar 1 or 2, dysthymia etc)?


Fantod - November 15

Yes. Mine is related to post traumatic stress syndrome.


Noca - November 17

No one else here is depressed?


Canada17 - November 17

I'm not.


crazykath - November 17

Major depression, They have me on Cymbalta and Wellbutrin. Neither of which are working to good on me.


axxie - November 17

Yes, related to post traumatic stress


SarahHurts - November 17

I am, and it affects me everyday.

It's horrible feeling not only in pain and uncomfortable every day, but also feeling worthless and alone.

Sometimes I don't know how to deal with it and break down! I feel sorry for my boyfriend who couldn't possibly begin to understand...


fancithatt - November 26

I don't suffer from depression either sorry


swttee4u - November 29

yes. i suffer from major depression and i'm bi-polar and i have other illness other than fm. it's frustrating alot. sometimes i don't think i can make it. all this is so overwhelming and i've been going through this for about 10yrs.


Canada17 - November 29

I think one of the things that keeps me from getting too down on myself is that no matter how bad I feel, I can be pretty well guaranteed that there is at least one person, probably several people, children even, who are far worse off than I. The same is true for every body.


white chocolate - November 30

My symptoms get me depressed at times.

Has anybody got any ideas that may help with my head pain that I reported earlier...?

Is there anybody out there?lol


Noca - December 1

white chocolate, what type of head pain do you have? and where in the head is it located? neck? skull? which lobe?


white chocolate - December 1

Hi Noca,
Firstly I'd like to apologise for coming in on your thread with my problem.
I posted my original thread on Nov 24th,
:Hi everyboby, I'm new here :)
Does anyone else suffer with a shadow?


KBRAINARD - December 1

Hello all,

Yes I am depressed at this time. My DR. has me on Cymbalta for 2 years now.It seemed to work great with the deression until now. The pain blocker in the meds work well for the most part. I'v been under alot of stress and just in the give up mood. I dont want to go and do anything at all. I'm wanting to get with my dr before the year is over.


debs1 - December 3

I couldnt tell you what kind of depression I have, but have been on and off anti-depressants for 30yrs.
I have tried coming off them but only last 6months tops, then have to go back on them as I cannot function without.


FibroDale - December 3

I'm not clinically depressed, I just have moments when I feel sorry for myself. This illness has made me not fear death and sometimes people around me might think I'm depressed and suicidal but they misunderstand. I just want them to understand that when it is my time to go don't try to hold on to me, let me go, I'm not afraid, I want them to celebrate for me because I had a great run!! Fortunately or unfortunately, ever how you look at it...this doesn't kill us.


gzusrox - December 21

i am depressed. i was diagnosed with bipolar 2. i take 400 mg of lamictal a day. right now its not doing anything and i cry all the time. we have no income and no ins, so its hard getting another script.



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