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How does fibromyalgia react in others in the hip area?
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JL - December 24

I was diagonosed 17 years ago but in the last 4 mos have had intense pain in my hip area & w/ nerve sensitivity up into my jaw and down my left side- xrays say I have osteo in the left hip area & possibly the top of the hip bone/cap is inflammed, anyone else had this? Could it be the fibro?


Jean - December 9

Hi JL: I understand but Fibromyalgia is not inflammatory so I am going to say that you are dealing with Osteoarthritis because that can become inflammed. It's possible you could hae both syndromes so I would talk to your doctor because anti-inflammatories will not work on the Fibromyalgia. It is also possibel you may have Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Look that up on the sites, just type it in and educate yourself on it so you can make more informed questions for your doctor. Take Care and we are here for you. :)


Suffering - December 10

I have the same thing in my hips it was only on occasion until early this year when I was working and did a lot of walking now the pain is worse in my right hip. I go Monday for x-rays. I have FM but my RA still wants to check my neck, hips and SI joints.


casa02 - December 10

Yes - I have been ill with fms since 95, but only in the last 6 to 8 mths has the pain started in the hips - mostly right hip area, but some left- so, yes it could be the fibro - it has been waking me up at night - the best treatment is a hot hot hot shower with the water hitting on the hip - it is uncomfortable at first, but then better - make sure to follow-up with dr, but anything without inflamation with me usually has a fibro connection - good luck!!


MissL - December 11

I have had FMS for almost 20 years now. I started with hip discomfort. Had tests done and they said there was nothing wrong and still continue to say so; however, I have been diagnosed with Fibro years ago. Now they contribute the limping and pain from the Fibro. I sorry, yes, I have severe pain in both of my hips. I haVe to wear flat shoes and no heels anymore. I was a professional singer at one time and that is all I wore were heals. I am young and at 49 years old I feel 80.


Kim - December 12

I am 35 and have hip pain in both hips as well, especially at nighttime or when being on my feet for a long period of time. I was just diagnosed a few months ago after many tests ruled out everything else. My doctor said it was not arthritis. Besides a very hot shower, I have used the heating pad and that has helped with the discomfort.


JL - December 23

Thanks to everyone for your ideas and sharing your stories, I am ready to deal with this on a more positive level again and keep learning along the way from your stories. I had heard my therapist/doctor mention Myofascial Pain Syndrome but in all these years have never researched on the condition, thanks for the advice Jean. Take Care to all and enjoy the holiday season ~ jl


Jean - December 24

I'm not a doctor but I think not because Fibromyalgia is not inflammatory.
Happy Holidays



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