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How Do You Stop the Anxiety??
5 Replies
jwm - November 21

My question to all of you is how do you keep yourself from worrying to death about every symptom. Since I have had fibro (years) I have had extreme health anxiety that every symptom means a worse, fatal, painful disease. So my question is how do you all handle not letting your mind go crazy over everything. I obsess about all my symptoms and I am convinced I have some awful disease. I obsess so much that I have started telling my husband what to do with my kids and how to raise them becuase I know I will get really sick soon. Any advice would be appreciated.


dalejr62 - November 21

just calm down, try to relax and you may want to see about anxiety medication. I can relate I to can work myself into a frenzy. But I tell myself to calm down and I come here which helps me alot!


Gabbie - November 21

jwm, I have to agree with dalejr62 about the help that this site can give. It is definately a place to share with people who understand and it also helps to know that what you are feeling is due to the fibro and not that you are loosing you mind. It's not easy, but you need to somehow come to terms with the fact that anyone with fibro is stuck with it for the rest of their life and it's up to you to not allow it to destroy your life. I try really hard to go about my day, keeping myself upbeat, and always looking for something to keep me from dwelling on the fibro...... my family, my friends and the fact that although painful, fibro is not terminal. I also choose not to call it a disease (because it is not) but a condition, one that I will fight like hell to not let it take me over. I have told only the people closest to me out of necessity (so that they don't think I completely "out there" especially on my fibro fog days). With others, I blame whatever the problem(s) of the day is on something else, bad knees, allergy headache, just a little back trouble etc. I have found that the more I stay upbeat, the more I try to be as "normal" as possible, the better I can get through my days because I have found that if I let my guard down so to speak, the fibro can gett he best of me and I won't allow that to happen anymore. I use lidocaine cream on the pressure points when the pain gets really bad (it definately helps) and use tylenol PM when I need a better nights rest (that helps also). Stay with this forum also because when you do need to talk, all the people here know all about that "but you don't look sick" thing, another reason not to tell all that many people about the fibro 'cause they don't really understand anyway. This is definately a calming place to come to, to ask questions, to hopefully answer some and to just be there for someone when they need to talk. Hang in and take it one day at a time. I wish you well.


shonlaw - November 22

that is a question that i deal with all of the time. sometimes i don't know which is worst, the pain or the anxiety. i understand how you feel as far a preparing your husband to care for your kids because up until recently i didn't have any kids and now i have two. And because even though i have been diagnosed for about 7 years now, i just think that i am too young to have this type of pain and fatigue, so there must be something fatal wrong with me. i too have had those conversations with my husband and mom and because my children are infants i know they wouldn't remember me if i died anytime soon from this "thing" i have so i have started to scrapbook a book about me and about them too. so that it would be like it all comes from me. i said all that to say that you are not alone. i have good and bad days and when the pain is less, i tend to worry less but the whole fear of having a fatal disease and dying young has taught me to appreciate life and the little things that mean a lot. like family and love. i don't give a lot of energy to negativity and i try to live everyday as if its my last day. Another thing is that for five years i have been thinking that i am dying but I"M STILL HERE. thank GOD. wishing you the best. happy thoughts and gentle hugs.


inpain - November 23

i am struggling with the same thing and i haven't found the answer yet. some days are better than others and i love the days that i feel good and happy.


Maria Castellano - February 29

I have fibromalgya I have been with anxiety since 2000. Sometimes I can not help it, I worry all the time. My doctor says that the pain is from my fibro, but I obsess that I am dying every time I feel pain. I am taking ativan for the anxiety and panic attacks.



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