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How do you know if you have Fibromyalgia?
5 Replies
Donna Wargas - October 23

Chest pain around sternum and breast area, severe neck pain at the base of skull, inability to turn head from side to side very far, some joint pain in hands, sleeplesness waking after a couple hours, frequent morning headaches, dizziness especially walking downstairs and when closing my eyes, afternoon fatigue, some memory loss or rapid memory recall. Is this just old age?? (56 years).


JJ1 - October 23

There is no test for Fibromyalgia. It is diagnosed by elimating other diseases or disorders that cause similar symptoms. You should see a rheumatologist for diagnosis.


carm - October 24

I agree with JJ. If your Doctor is no help see a rhuematologist. I started with a diagnosis from my doctor of FM and then went to a rhuematologist who confirmed it. Good luck.


TERESA - October 24

There are many diseases that have the same symptoms as FMS. You need to be prepared to go through several tests to rule out other diseases but even if they find you have something else, you can still have FMS! I have both lupus & FMS. I went through tests & different treatments for almost two years before they settled on a DX for me. What is rapid memory recall?


andi - October 27

I'm new here today and so glad I found this forum! I'm waiting for my diagnosis, but as I'm reading here it seems there really isn't a positive answer. explained my feelings to a tee! In fact, when I was telling this rheumatologist what was going on I explained this burning aching in the mid back.......reaches around to the ribs causing chest pain in breastbone.....neck..........leggs.......feet
he did some of those pressure point tests. They about sent me through the roof! I didn't even know they existed!
I'm now also understand the fibrofog. Wow!!
What else could this be but fibromyalgia?? getting


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing? This could be FMS. It does have a strong chest pain component.



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