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How do you differentiate Fibro from MS?
6 Replies
koopie33 - May 15

About a year and a half ago, I got a common childhood illness, along with the rest of my family, but I didn't get better like they did. I have aching in my shoulder, left arm, hips, and now my neck with tension headaches. I was just prescribed Elavel, which I think is helping a bit, but I still feel kind of "off kilter" as far as my balance is concerned. I am 35, have had many tests, all normal, with no loss of muscle tone or strength. I also am not fatigued much. Does anyone have definite Fibro that sounds like this, or should I try to see a neurologist? Thank you for all your help.....


BrandyO - May 15

Koopie33 .... it wouldn't hurt to see a neuro doc. I have fibro but also see an MS specialist. At this point I don't have any lesions showing on my brain but have many neurological type symptoms.
I go to the neuro every 4 months just to keep an eye on it. Fibro and MS share many symptoms. Good luck.


koopie33 - May 15

Thanks, BrandyO. What symptoms do you have, if that's not too personal a question?


Amyloo - May 16

Hi Brandy, I read your answer and I too have a question if you don't mind. I saw a neurologist due to symtoms (blurred vision, numb feeling eyeball, balance issues and tingling of face, etc.) and had an mri done. It shows lesions, but neuro said they are at least a year and a half old so they can't be ms. I thought, well then what are they from? He said they could be from just about anything from early childhood illness to migraines. (which I have never had.) Do you have any additional info, maybe from your neuro that might shed some light? Thank you, Amy


neuro1 - June 5

koopie33....have you had an HLA blood test done? If so, your doctor has tested your blood levels for a major indicating factor of MS...if they haven't done an HLA, they should. Also, have you had an EMG or a NVS w/ EMG? Those should also be done to determine if you have MS. If you've had these done, and the results came back within norms, it is unlikely you have MS. HLA levels are one of the best bets to determine if you have MS.
If your biggest problem is feeling "off kilter" in regards to balance- you most likely have an inner ear problem. If you've got aching ask to see a rheumatologist...they'll run blood panels to screen for atuo-immune and arthrtic problems...also test the tender points indicative of fibro.


BrandyO - June 7

Hi Koopie and Amyloo... sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. My primary care doc sent me to the neuro (MS specialist) because I had a bad bout of Trigeminal Neuralgia (for the second time) bouts of vertigo, numbness and tingling in my right leg and both feet and hands, decreased strength in my right leg, increased memory and cognitive problems, off and on blurred vision, pain in my eyes and headaches. After all kinds of test everything came back normal. No lesions on the MRI of brain or c-spine..... no tumors...slight neuropathy in feet and hands. I don't know if I had that HLA blood test that neuro 1 mention but the doc is a MS specialist so I am assuming she most likely did that too. I'll be sure to ask her when I see her next month. I really like her and she helps me with the fibro more than the rheumatologist ever did. Also my co-pay is the same no matter what doctor I see. She also says she wants to keep an eye on my condition. I often wonder if FM can turn into MS!?! Take care.... Brandy


BrandyO - June 7

I also forgot to mention I have bladder control problems but that may be due to my age (53) and also a problem with loss of sensation in my private areas except for a vibration or buzzing feeling off and on. This comes and goes on it's own without stimulation in case any one wonders, lol. I feel this occasionally in my breast too. Could that also be due to on coming menopause?



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