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How do you battle constant fatigue?
11 Replies
Noca - March 16

How do you battle constant fatigue? I had to wake up at 10:00 this morning for my therapist, then had lunch then physio, then I have class, then I have dinner, then tutoring for 3 hours, and studying after that. I feel like I'm gonna collapse out of exhaustion from a 14 hour day.

Sometimes I get so tired that I need to go to the health office and sleep on one of their beds while i miss class lol.

Anyone else struggle to balance responsibilities and fatigue?


kvc33 - March 16

You can't 'battle' fatigue. You must rest and reduce your activity level. It's the only way. If you keep pushing you will find that your symptoms get worse and more numerous. It's what noboby wants to hear including me.


Noca - March 17

I've started going to sleep earlier and hopefully physio as well will help me battle fatigue.


ptalana - March 17

Hey Noca, I know when I do my pilates and stretches I am able to get a better nights sleep. I hope that you experience the same positive benefits with your physio.
Take care, Patty :)


tnichel - March 18

Sucks, but I take naps on my lunch breaks, while waiting in the doctors office, in store lobbies...pretty much anywhere these days, including a park bench. Or when I'm waiting on meds at the pharmacy. I have no SHAME! Lol. When my body demands sleep or rest I have no choice but the relent or else no one would want to be around me. I get cranky like a baby. I had doctor appts. all day tuesday and was miserable b/c I only got 4 hours sleep the night before. I think I may have even dozed off in the elevator. lol.


tnichel - March 18

Forgot the mention. At work (if you work) just leaning back in your chair and closing your eyes for 5-10 minutes seems to help with fatigue. Taking frequent breaks to sit down when I'm busy around the house also helps.


lacie - March 19

I NEVER settle for less than 6 or 7 hours of sleep. Most nights I actually get at least 8 hours. Battling fibromyalgia means that you need to alter your life in ways that most people your age don't need to. I get made fun of all the time for going to sleep at 9 pm because I'm a 20 year old college student, but it's the only way I can survive without going mad from fatigue.

I've found it's very important to get yourself on a specific sleep schedule. I always start getting ready for bed at the same time everyday, and lay down at the same time. I also NEVER take naps, since it completely throws off my body clock and renders me unable to sleep at night, making my fatigue even worse. I also agree with ptalana, yoga and pilates do wonders to relax my muscles before bed.

Creating a sleep schedule also includes repetitive actions that "tell" your body it's time for bed. I turn the lights down in my room, stretch, and turn on a relaxing bedtime classical music cd. Getting a good night's rest is essential to being at the best for the next day.

Also, I've noticed that sugar and caffeine wreak havoc on my energy levels. I've read fibro literature that agrees with me on that. While it seems like coffee or other caffeinated drinks would give you more energy, we are more susceptible to a severe crash when the affects wear off. Even sugar does this to me.

Eating properly can also help you stay more energized. Eating healthy snacks and small meals every 2-3 hours will help maintain your energy level.

Sometimes you also just need to tone it down. Recognize that fibromyalgia is a condition that limits what you can do. It's hard, but you must begin to accept that you have limits that your family and friends don't have.


Noca - March 19

I slept 10 hours last night, and came home this evening and had a 3 hour nap. I have another 8am class tomorrow, I'll prolly be sleeping in the health office again after class. My life revolves around sleep lol.


lacie - March 19

Sometimes too much sleep makes you even more tired... food for thought.


Noca - March 25

I've tried 7-8 hours of sleep and I feel so tired I can barely stand up. I had 11 hours of sleep last night and I can't stop yawning, I feel so sleepy...

It takes a lot of sleep aids to make me fall asleep, but the sleep aids Xanax and Melatonin have short half lifes. They wouldnt last into the morning, certainly not 11 hours later. I think I get good sleep during the night as I never wake up. I dont know.


Libbyk - March 25

This is common with FMS, i go to bed between 9-9.30 and sleep to around 7.30 on my days off i sleep longer. I feel i need to sleep. I usually sleep for 5 hours then toss and turn the rest or the night,when i wake i feel so unrefreshed, I am a lot older than you, young people should be out enjoying life, but what can you do.


axxie - March 25

I only sleep because of pure exhaustion or because I take my meds. I have a doctor who shoots me with vitamin B12 every other week. That helps alot, also I take loads of vitamins to keep me going and I still need a nap in the afternoon. I have no shame in admitting that I need more my naps and that I cannot work more then 6 hours a day for only 3 days a week.

It's not the best but that's all I can manage at the moment.



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