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How difficult is it to get disability?
5 Replies
Karen - May 2

I am 31 yrs old, and have been told that getting SSI for Fibromyalgia is very difficult.
What is your experience?


Jean - April 23

It is difficult and you'll need a doctor in your cornor and if you try for it never giver it up.


JB - April 24

It has taken over 1 year to be denied twice. Now I must hire an attorney & go in front of an aministrative law judge. It may be another year before the hearing date.


Suffering - April 25

I just was denied my first time, I am filing an appeal now. In all so far it has been about 5-6 months.


Kazz - April 28

I dont know where you are but Im in Melbourne Australia and Im on the disability pension - The rules are obviously different in each country but I can tell you how I went about it all - It all started for me by continuously vomiting and then just nausea after a hospital stay and then aches and pains and tingling in my hands and forgetting things, I went to 5 different drs who all fobbed me off by saying its just depression as I have a history of it but I knew it wasnt finally I found a Dr who took me seriously and sent me to a rheumatologist who diagnosed FMS and wrote a letter to state this to my GP - I got a copy of the letter and went to Centrelink (where we go to get pensions) and picked up forms that my GP had to fill in and state I was unable to work for at least 2 years, I then had to see a Centrelink Dr who confirmed the diagnosis and that was that I was put on the disability pension, I then went to my local council and got an application form for a disability sticker for my car, my dr filled it in and I was granted a 3 year sticker for my car. As I say though thats just how it works in my state in Australia but I would believe you would need a Dr or 2 to back up your diagnosis to get onto the pension... Good luck with it!


Pam - May 2

Karen, I am not on disability for FMS, but know some people that are. They were all turned down the first time. Keep at it. Having a wonderful doctor that supports you is the key and you may need an attorney. Also, I would send my medical history along with a letter to my Senator and ask him/her to help then to get it moving. This has worked for some other people that I know! I am praying for you right nowl



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