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How did your fibro start?
6 Replies
Rebecca - June 21

I was wondering what everyone's initial symptoms were. Did you develop more after the initial onset? I started with muscle pain in my legs 3 months after having my son, then 2 months later developed dizziness and headaches. My hands get stiff when they are cold and become hard to move. Fibro really s*cks.


Chris - June 14

I just felt like I had the Flu for a very long time, and after many, many blood tests and all the other stuff I was told it was Fibro. They continue to test me every so often, I guess trying to find out it there is something else too. You're right, Fibro s*cks. Be Well.


Amethyst Angel - June 14

Mine started with pain in my face (felt almost like razor burn on my cheek and chin.) It then spread out to my shoulders, down my arms, and to the rest of my body. Felt absolutely miserable as though I had a sunburn on the inside of my body. I had an MRI which told me I had a sinus infection (that and stress is what I think triggered it).


Terri - June 15

Rebecca, My pain began the day after the birth of my daughter. I came home from the hospital with terrible headache and sick feeling and have had heahaches and pain throught out my body almost daily since. Mostly in my neck, back and hips. I think the pain was due to having an epidural during delivery. I have had MRI's, Rhuematoid arthitis testing, blood work, numerous testing by the neurologist. All tests came back fine. A physical therapist finally told me she suspected I had FMS.


Rebecca - June 15

Terri, I was wondering if my epidural had something to do with all of my symptoms too. My first one didn't take and I had to have another within a 3 hour period. Thanks for responding.


JJ - June 16

I am pretty sure that mine started when dealing with the stresses of taking care of aging, ailing parents, raising 3 kids, and working full time. I can't even remember the first pains specifically. I was so consumed with everything going on, when something like my shoulder started hurting, I would first think, "oh, I must have slept on it wrong" then a few weeks later it would be a knee and I could hardly walk and would go to an orthopedic doc for x-rays and they would see nothing. I felt like I was coming down with the flu but then I would get better suddenly. It wasn't until after my parents died that I finally got it figured out what was going on.


Anne R. - June 21

Yeah, it does suck! My initial symptoms were depression and poor sleep. I would get to sleep OK, then wake up every 15-20 minutes. I was exhausted all the time. My mother died and my husband was deployed to Iraq earlier the same year I was diagnosed, so stress was definitely a trigger.

I have a history of head aches and sinus problems and now I have what I call Fibro Fire, where it feels like a heat rash on my skin, only no rash; painful joints, TMJ issues, etc.

My husband is safely back home, but it's hard to explain FMS to him.



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