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How come it's ALL OF A SUDDEN?
8 Replies
Kristien - June 18

Hello, I'm hoping someone can shed light on this for me. 2 years ago I had a bunch of things start happening to me. I developed IBS, my back would spasm all the time and eventually I just had pain every day in my back, neck, butt, legs and shoulders. My periods worsened, the pain and the pms, I was so tired, got yest infections and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I take synthroid now, the yeast seems to be a little better with probiotic use and I changed my diet significantly. I am still in a TON of body pain, still have the bad periods, still feel tired, though not as bad, and still have awful IBS. My doctor told me that he thinks it's Fibromyalgia. My question is this... Is it possible for the symptoms of Fibromyalgia to happen so suddenly, I mean, if I have it, didn't I always have it? Why at age 26, a very good age for me otherwise, would this just happen so suddenly? Does Fibro do that? Just come on like that? (Oh, I forgot to mention that my mom was told years ago that they thought she had it too.) Thank you!


chris - June 1

Hi Kristein; If you look back on your childhood or teen years you may find there there were other things that may have been linked to Fibromyalgia. It seems from other people I've spoken too that it can suddenly just be there though. I wish you luck, it's no fun, but not impossible to deal with. I've found some good info here. You'll see my first post here "What is it" People here seem to have been through it all too. Take care


Anne Hillebrand - June 2

The important question is what are you going to do about it now. email me at [email protected] and I'll send you the information I have. It tells the symptoms, and treatment that I have been on for 6 years. It's free and nothing for sale.


Debra - June 2

Hi: Kristein Please,Please stay away from Anne Hillebrand and her fibrofix web site.Im sure she means well,but she is not a Doctor and the things she tells you to take for Fibromyalgia are very bad for your health.Cough Med's and Tums with long term use can back up your already acidic body and amplify your illness.Please go to see a good Doctor and get him to check you out to see if you really do have fibromyalgia or not.Dont just guess.Dont let people out here play doctor to you.SEE A REAL DOCTOR ASAP. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD HEALTH. TAKE GOOD CARE. Debra.


Kristien - June 2

Thanks everyone. Chris- Yes, you are correct that I did have some things growing up that could have been symptoms, however they were more mild or short lasting. But I guess with age, things worsen.
Debra- Thanks for the warning about Anne. I know there are a lot of people out there with their own theories of what works and what doesn't. It can get VERY confusing, especially now with the internet. So MUCH good and BAD info out there on any topic it's hard to pick and chose.


Jean_ - June 4

They say it takes time to let you know you have it or whatever you do have. Do we really know what we have or is it something made up just to keep us at bay? It seem to happen all of a sudden with me also. Then they told me I was depressed. It was the best time in my life when all of sudden life became drudge with pain and no way of explaining it and it continues today still no real explaination. I just hope your journey will not be difficult at your young age and hope we find these answers soon. Just find a doctor who will not give up on you and one you can trust and talk to.


KS - June 5

I agree. I had pain, fog, dry eyes, sometimes flu-like symtoms and chest pain. I had every blood test in the book and diagosed with fibro by two MD's. No underlying virus ever showed up. I was taking 40 pills/day in supplements and diagnosed with hypothyroid and taking T3. I developed some mild pain in my pelvic regions and ended up having a cyst/tumor. Not cancer, but not totally benign either. I guess that was the cause of my chest pain. Who would have guessed. I'm still trying to figure out how the fibro fits in. I had a total hysterectomy and am recovering.


lara - June 12

Hi Kris,
this is the first time I have ever visited this site, but your story resonated with me. I was hit with a brick of chronic pain at 27 (I'm 32 now) & it seemed like it was "out of nowhere". Afyter 5 years of every kind of doctor, treatment, etc... I now realize that this is something that can buoild up over time I guess, untill it hits a threshold, & the floodgates pour open. I remember having twinges of pain in my chest as a child & my mom always said "they're just growing pains" I think they were early warning signs. anyway, take care of yourself, you are not alone.


Kristien - June 18

Probably you had it a long time before; but then had your first flare. I can date my symptoms back 25 years ago! I was told that teeth grinding was from stress. I was told my depression was chronic and inherited. I had IBS symptoms but mild so never got treated. But after my weight loss surgery three years ago,(which is considered major trauma-) I slowly began to have more and more problems. I am delighted to be thin now! But it is believed that stress/trauma can bring on a flare of fibro.....and man oh man,am I flaring. The carpel tunnel happened overnight. I went from extreme diarrhea to severe constipation overnight. The muscle twitching and loss of balance happened very suddenly. So I guess, yes, it can appear suddenly. Bestwishes to you. Write back!



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