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how can you be THIS tired?
14 Replies
sikntired - March 2

I've been diagnosed with FM about six years ago. It started with an unbearable fatigue and then crippled me for one year. I've since been able to manage this disease but I wish that other people could feel what it's like. I hate missing work because I'm "tired." They have no idea. I can barely function for 10 minutes till I'm back in bed. And if I try to fight the fatigue it quickly becomes pain. Sometimes I feel like a broken record, I know I get sick and tired of talking/complaining about my symptoms and I'm sure the people around me do to. I just want to scream at everyone THIS IS NOT IN MY HEAD!


Noca - March 2

I was soo tired at school this past month that I needed to skip some classes to go to the health office and sleep on one of their beds a few times. I was literally too exhausted to even stand up with my bag on my back.


1joyjoh0624 - March 2

I can totally relate to your suffering. I finally had to quit working and am applying for SSD. When I was first diagnosed I was also crippled for a year, then tried to work and out again another 6 months. Since then I have tried to work but the fatigue increases the pain so much I was constantly having flares when I got home from work. I was missing so much time I had to resign from a fantastic job. It was heartbreaking. If a person doesn't have FM and doesn't know someone who does they can not understand. Fortunately my husband does and is very supportive.


Duo - March 2

I hope it helps to know that we with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibro understand just how you feel. It is so debilitating and frustrating when everyone tells you how well you look - my reply to anyone now is - thank God I don't look as bad as I feel. I often say to my husband that someone has pulled my plug and left my energy to drain away. I feel so hot (but cold to the touch) and almost panic stricken because I don't feel I have the energy to even get myself off the chair and into bed. When I do the vicious circle begins - pains in neck, shoulders, chest, face, knees and terribe cramps in calves and feet. Don't forget that "my" in fibromyalgia stands for muscle and therefore you could have pain or aches in any muscle. You are not alone and I hope your friends and loved ones can look at this site - for your sake. Take care.


axxie - March 3

OH I know how you feel, the constant chronic fatigue, it just interupt everything else with you. You can't think straight, you can't function and you can barely make it to your bed on some days. Then pain comes and it's a viscious circle.

I'm on a sleeping aid, and pain management, that don't seem to do much.

I recently returned to work three days a week, plus I have handicapped parking and I can barely make it into work and I only work 6 hours.

Ask your doctor to treat you with monthly B-12 shots and see what the response is. My doctor is middle eastern so they believe in helping patients with other methods then just western medecine. She even prescribed for me to take theurapeutic baths. All nice and all, but the insurance won't pay. Wish I was in Europe, where it's a daily ritual for people who have Fibro.


rhapsody - March 22

I'm wondering, 1joyjoh0624, how goes that with the disability pursuit? I ask, because I've been trying to get that for 8 years now, and keep getting turned down. Same judge, too. He doesn't believe Fibromyalgia exists. So, I've been unable to work in all this time, but they don't believe I'm disabled. Interesting too, because my doctor says I am, the specialists he sent me to say I am, even the state says I am (which is why I can collect food stamps and TANF without participating in the JOBS program), but the US Government does not choose to agree with any of them. Apparently, they are the ultimate authority, and no one else knows anything. Just ask them.


firomama - March 22

Today i am really feeling the fatige aspect. the pain fortunatly is minimal. but i have that tiredness you get w/ the flu. i figured that after i got up, took meds and was awake for 2 hrs id be fine. usually thats the case. but here it is almost 5:30 pm and im dead. going potty is a chore. turning my head is a chore. it took my 2 hrs to get up and do this post.(no where else to go)back to laying down.


Libbyk - March 23

Which country are you from. I applied for disability and got the lower rate due to my chronic back and arm pain. I have difficulty cooking and need help even making coffee


Libbyk - March 23

i can relate to your comments, when i was first diagnoised, i had extreme difficulty walking, shopping and doing normal things.


Libbyk - March 23

i can relate to your comments, when i was first diagnosed, i had extreme difficulty walking, shopping and doing normal things.


Libbyk - March 23

i can relate to your comments, when i was first diagnosed, i had extreme difficulty walking, shopping and doing normal things. I would say the first year was the worst ever, I was made redundant and couldnt work for about one year until my meds were sorted out. I have recently put an extension on to my home while i can work downstairs shower as i cannot use the bath anymore and a new kitchen with eye level oven and cupboards that i dont have to bend down to get into. I dont know how long i will be able to work but i do know that getting back out to work was the best for me and my depression


Fantod - March 23

For those of you in the US interested in applying for SSD use Allsup. You can find them online. They have a 98 percent success rate and usually have a decision in 6 months. No court room drama with a disinterested judge either. I used them and had a very positive experience. They take 25% of your back pay (pretty standard)only if they win. Nothing if they don't and they handle all of the paperwork. Everyone I dealt with at Allsup could not have been nicer or more understanding on the days I was not up for a long telephone interview. I highly recommend them.


Fantod - March 23

For the unrelenting fatigue of Fibromyalgia (FMS) I use a sublingual B12 that also contains folic acid. You need the folic acid to help absorb the B12. You can find it in any decent health food store. I keep a bottle next to my bed and pop one under my tongue first thing in the morning. It gives me a "push" to get out of bed.

Sublingual medication must be used in a specific manner. Nothing to drink, eat, smoke and no teeth brushing a half an hour before AND after using it. That way nothing interferes with it being absorbed into your system.

Take care.


Noca - March 24

Fantod omg I've been taking B12 100mcg before bed every night lol. Is this why I can't sleep anymore? I don't take folic acid as my pharmacist never told me about that.


Fantod - March 24

Noca - I imagine that the B12 is not helping with your sleep issues. I have two nutritionists who have both told me that folic acid is necessary to reap the full benefits of B12. I would stop taking B12 well before bed so you can get some sleep. Take care.



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