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How Bad Does It Get???????????
10 Replies
Tracy - March 3

Isuffer from fms I have numerous problems! I can not remember the last time I got through the day without a headache. I have irritable bowel, lower back pain, neck pain, adversity to bright lights, noise sometimes drives me insane, I suffer cramps, pms, I can go to bed and sleep with the help of drugs but i still spend all day exausted. if i do not take the drugs i do not get the sleep. This is just some of the problems. How bad does it get??????????


JES - February 14

This does not sound like fibromyalgia except the IBS and some pain. Who diagnosed you??


louise - February 14

Hello Tracy, I too suffer with from numerous problems. When I only had one or two symtoms to deal with I thought well, this sure changes my life but I can handle this. Then, as time went by, and it wasn't a long time , more symptoms appeared. Now the list is to long to type here. I became very depressed, could barely move, lost a lot of weight, and really felt like I was just going die. Then I found the right doctor, he has wonderful ear, and together we have adjust my meds , so I'm not druged up , I still have some pain but I have learned to pace myself and not to worry about the things I just can't do any more. My family and friends have been as understanding as they can be as things do change from day to day, which confuses them. ( why can't you do this today as you could do it yesterday ? ) Since this has all been going on for a long time now, the one thing I have learned is not to stress over things, for this surely makes it worse. Wear sunglasses when you need to, use ear plugs when you need to, take sleep med if you need to , as you need to sleep, try not to worry about ( how bad does it get ???? ) and focus on what you need to do to deal with the symptoms you have.


Tracy - February 15

I was diagnosed by my rheumatologist. Yes I find that I can manage things today but if I do much I will pay for it tomorrow. I am finding that it is all getting TOO much.


louise - February 15

Hello Tracy, I know what you mean about paying for it. I sure do too. I'm not a sit around kind of person. So this has been very difficult for me. Where so many people post here that they can't make their friends and family members understand why they just can't do much, I have to fight with my family not to treat me like a invalid. I'm just afraid if I don't keep moving , I won't be able to move at all. I think the key is knowing just before you have gone to far to stop and rest.


Tracy - February 19

Hi Louise. Thanks for your words of wisdom. Its nice to talk to someone in the same situation. I am going to try accupuncture and acupressure. I read on line that you can get upto a months relief from fms so i am going to try. Take care love Tracy


Mist - February 19

months....???? you'll have to let us know!!!!!!!


Louise - February 20

Hello Tracy, I have tried acupressure. I couldn't continue with it on a regular basis due to the cost, It did give me relief but only a few days.Hopefully it will work better for you. Now, when ever I can talk one of them into it, I have one of my family members give me a massage. It's free :)


Tracy - February 24

Hi Loise. I had my first session of accupuncture and accupressure. It was the first time in I cannot remember how long that I have experienced relief from neck pain, it only lasted a few hours but as I said it was my first session. Also although the accupuncture did not hurt the accupressure did but I expected it to.


Pam - February 24

Tracy, Here are a few things that may help. First, try to work on the intestinal problems. There are some herbal detoxification products for your colon. You need a clean colon or you won't be able to properly absorb food or medicine. It also means that the waste products that are supposed to be removed daily are recirculating through your system. It sounds to me like your system is FULL of toxic junk, hence the headaches, adversity to lights. The second thing is to not take in any junk. Keep it entirely clean; no processed foods, no baked goods, choose fresh vegetables and fruits from the produce section of the grocery. Switch to olive oil. For the cramps, you are probably low in Vitamin B6 so take a good vitamin-mineral supplement. Drink lots of clean filtered water. I hope some of this helps.


Jean - March 3

It sounds like your hormones need to be checked and balanced. See your OBGYN and a rheumatologist to get you on your way back to being a bit better. It dosen't get any worse it's just a frustrating disease.



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