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How are you doing Noca
4 Replies
kvc33 - January 7

Are you at home or in hospital Noca? How are you doing?


Noca - January 9

I'm back at my parent's home trying to get well. I was pretty malnourished from chronically skipping meals/starving myself due to depression, anxiety, or my inability to taste most foods. I had spent 2.5 days at the hospital.

I left my house for the first time in a week today, still have cycling moods, some bouts of bad anxiety, pain that's pretty bad, mostly in my back or abdomen.


kvc33 - January 9

Thanks for letting me know. It's important for all kinds of reasons that you eat and drink regularly even if you don't feel like it. Your brain can't work properly if it isn't getting proper nutrition and hydration. I've been drinking more water for the past two weeks and I feel better because of it. I have just determined that I suffer from bipolar disorder. My manic phases are all about anger rather than happiness like it usually presents. I get a lot of hyper brain energy even though I'm exhausted with the CFS. I do a lot more and then crash when the manic phase is over and usually go into a depression. It lasts for days and usually comes on with the full moon or at PMS time. Sometimes just being upset will trigger it. It's a full moon right now and I was awake until 5:30 this morning.


Noca - January 10

I have so bad anxiety around my family or others that I completely avoid going to the kitchen to get food until they are gone, even if that means starving myself. I have a fridge in both of my bedrooms, but that choice of food is limited without any cooking appliances.

I've been weaning down my Fentanyl cause of being over sedated due to my loss in weight for the same dose, and my pain is rapidly increasing.

School seems to be out of my grasp for now as my health is really really low right now =[


kvc33 - January 12

Why are you so anxious around others and are you getting mental health help to combat it? There is a very good book called Feeling Good by Dr. Burns that uses cognitive behavioural techniques to combat anxiety and depression. Check it out. Do you believe you have an eating disorder? Is your family aware of what you are doing and why?



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