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How are you diagnosed?
2 Replies
Galicja - October 14

I have been suffering from these symptoms for 4 and 1/2 years now.

The doctors have tested me for a thyroid condition and lupus which runs in my family but it's come back negative. I even thought I might have an allergy to wheat and gluten but that's negative as well.

How do I go about finding out whether or not I may have this?


Gabbie - October 14

I also had many weird things and some painful for years but blamed it on a whole list of other things. My regular M.D. ran some blood tests to look for arthritis and lyme that came back negative, and didn't really have any answers to what I was complaining about. About a year ago I started with jabbing pains in my feet and legs and my MD sent me to a rheumatologist. He put me though extensive blood tests to rule out other things. Everything else came up negative. He spent much time with me asking questions and just listening to what I was saying and describing. During one exam he pushed on several spots on my legs, arms, lower back, and with each one I pretty much yelled out in pain. I didn't know it at the time, but those spots are fibro pressure points and I felt pain with each one. There is no specific test that spells out fibro. If you have not seen a rheum. yet, I suggest you consider going to one because I think they would be the ones to be able to help you. Fibro is a very strange thing and people think we're rather, um, "crazy" because we look fine. A rheumatologist will be the one to understand if you have it because there are many of us out there with it and these doctors have seen it, and believe it. I found this site recently and it is also helping me. I wish you well.


islandguy - October 15

tender points tnichel 09/20/07 4:13 ..............
Hi Galicja: You may want to look up this post and read some of JJ1's comments.
This could help in identifying your symptoms.
Take care.



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