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How and where to be diagnosed?
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Marita - October 8

Today I had a conversation with a good friend (she's got fibromyalgia) that made me make up my mind. I have to see a doctor to get diagnosed. Since childhood I have had the symptoms, (though they have gotten worse the last few years) and I have yet to learn about any symptoms I do not have. I didn't even know about fibromyalgia until the last couple years, though. I am sick and tired of feeling 'not good enough' or worry that people think I am just lazy and whining - and feeling like I should just have to do better, since none of the symptoms are really visible to anyone else. I need to get it diagnosed, if nothing else, then just for my own peace of mind. And if I am told I don't have fibromyalgia, then at least I know what I _do not_ have.

Now, my question is, can my family doctor diagnose me? Or do I have to find a specialist to do this? I want it to be done right, yet I can't afford to spend a fortune on it. Where do I go and how so I make sure the person know what they are doing?

Thank you!



JJ1 - October 8

Typically it is a rhematologist that diagnoses fibromyalgia. There is no specific test for fibromyalgia. The diagnoses is done by identifying your symptoms and running tests on other ailments that can cause the same or similar symptoms.


JJ1 - October 8

If you don't know of a rheumatologist to go to, see if there is a fibromyalgia support group in your area that can recommend a doctor for you.


Gabbie - October 9

When I began getting more pain and other strange sensations I went to a rheumatologist. He took extensive blood tests to rule out other things like lyme, arthritis, etc and did a lot of listening as I explained all the stuff I was feeling. He also pressed on the many pressure points that are part of this and with each one the pain was so intense I think at that point he knew that my problem is fibro. There isn't a specific test for it, but you should probably see a rheum. to make sure it' not another problem. Good luck.



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