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T.J.S. - June 16

Hello everybody please bear with me a minute. I was diagnosed in feb06 with fms. I also was diagnosed with industrial asthma in oct 05 after about 3-4 years of symptoms increasing in intensity. It Started with chronic muscle spasms that I thought were related to an old back injury 20 years ago. My Chiropracter of 20 + years was not able to releive the pain as he had been able to regularly. So I switched to a new Chiro, she did a full intake exam and told me to see my M.D. as she thought the symptoms were nuerological. After a 3 month wait for M.R.I.'s and other tests I was diagnosed with CMP in feb 05, that spring I began to feel better and by early summer was feeling great. Then in aug 05 I began to notice distinct sighns of allergic reaction at my work , and the crippling spasms came back. I self prescribed antihistimine and to my suprise the crippling spasms subsided. I took this information to my M.D. and he told me I was sensitized to the dust at my work hence the Industrial asthma. Now here Is my dillema, The DR. in charge of my industrial claim says that the fibro diagnosis is "junk science" I can't get him to read any info I can provide about the hypersensitivity that comes with FMS and CMP, also I never had the FMS symptoms persist until the winter of 2005/2006 and beyond. He cannot see the conection of my ongoing symtoms and the Industrial asthma.
It is my observation that the CMP and the FMS was brought on because of the sensitivities developed at my work with the stress factor of being exposed to an organic compound that completey hammered my immune system for the last ten years. Finally the Question??? Has any one seen or heard of any thing like this?? and any advice of how to get the DR. to realize that the body is a whole not a fragmented machine??


Chris - June 16

It is my hope that someday that doctor gets Fibro.....I've often found that doctors in those kinds of positions aren't there to help you, only help the insurance companies. I wish you luck, and don't take any nonsense off the doctors. Always remember, you are in charge.



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