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Hot Tob help or hurt
7 Replies
fibrochica - October 9

I had heard that a hot tub can be helpful in soothing our aching bodies. Well, I tried it the last couple of nights and while it felt good when I was in the tub, but I think my entire body ached worse about an hour later. We have the tub set about 100 degrees and only stayed in for maybe 15 minutes. Does anyone else use a hot tub for relief - if so, do you feel good afterwards or worse?

I also wanted to ask about everyday bumps and bruises. I scraped my knuckle yesterday - nothing serious at all - but all day and night and again this morning, my hand feels swollen and my entire arm is hurting. When you have FMS, do minor injuries feel like major ones?


Fantod - October 9

Hi fibrochica - I can't comment on the hot tub part of your question. Yes, sometimes a minor injury can cause a lot of pain. As an example, I had a flu shot a couple of years ago that affected both arms and shoulders. The pain was unbelievable and lasted about a week. I thought I was going to lose my mind. You can never quite know what to expect from an injury when dealing with Fibromyalgia (FMS). That being said, I would watch that knuckle. There is a higher incidence of staph infections these days. If you think it is infected than see a doctor right away. Take care and enjoy the weekend.


bwelladjusted - October 9

I don't have a hot tub at home, so I have to drive about 25 miles to the YMCA to use one. Typically, I use it after I've exercised in the therapy pool or played with my little brother in the kid's pool and water slide. So it's hard to say whether the hot tub makes me hurt, because I already ache from all the extra exertion. I will say, however, that it really wipes me out, so it is great to use right before bed. My family went on a long road trip to my sister's college graduation a few months ago, and I was so sore and miserable that they found a hotel with a hot tub for me. I did think I felt a lot better, and I slept almost the whole night, which is rare for me. Try it several times, keeping track of what you've done that day and how you feel before and after. Also, see if using it right before bed helps you sleep better. I sure hope it helps...and if all else fails, at least you might get 15 min. of relief. To me, any relief is worth it!


solanadelfina - October 10

I personally love 'roasting' in a tub of hot water to ease pains on the bad days. However, I don't like the jets or pressure due to my hypersensitivity. Maybe try using the regular tub and see what that does?


axxie - October 10

I don't have one, but when I go to the hotel, I use it spairingly and it's true about sleeping well after wards.

As for the hands and ankles feel swollen, make yourself a green or white tea and drink without milk once a day around supper time without fail. It helps.

I'm clumsy, so I tend to hit doors and stuff, and yes, it hurts for a week after. I cannot imagine doing any kind of physical activities, except play in my garden and a nice walk. Sometimes I borrow the dog next door and other times I go by myself. It depends of the energy level.


chowda72 - October 10

Hello I have a hot tub ( 104degrees) and I also feel great while i'm in the hottub. When I first started using it I noticed that after about an hour my pain would come back and seemed to feel worse, i discovered if i took my regular dose of pain meds right after i got out I didnt have that problem.

As for bumps and bruises I work as a corrections officer at a jail, and everyday i end up with bruises all over some of them hurt so bad that showering hurts. i also swell up and feel like i have a major injury too. hope this helped good luck


belle1329 - October 13

I love the hot tub and it does help me a great deal, especially in the winter. When Im cold which my feet and hands are always, I cant seem to get warm and I ache all over. The tub helps alot, and I do sleep a "bit" better, but it does wear off as the night goes on. Im not on meds but if I take an advil after tub, it helps too.

Im also clumbsy and yes minor pain feels like major sometimes.


dedekorz - February 1

The hot tub makes my pain worse, feels good when I'm in it but an hour after I get out my pain is worse than ever!! Never again will I use 1!! Glad it helps some :)



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