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4 Replies
chaplin - July 23

So I know a lot of people have been complaining about hot flashes me being one of them. I am having the hardest time sleeping at night. I have had bleeping headaches - finally after 10 days straight I got a break but they are back again. But I am also experiencing something new. It is quite cool here at night so I keep my window open. Through the night I keep poking my feet out from under my covers to touch anything cool. Sounds strange and feels strange. I am so hot that it seems as though if I find a cool patch of blanket with my feet I can somehow fall back to sleep for a few minutes. Then the patch heats up and I find another patch and fall asleep again. I have had problems with hot flashes because of my thyroid but this is so weird. I feel like my feet are on fire and only need to cool them down to feel better. My sleep is horrible and my pain seems to coincide with how little sleep I get. I was wondering if any of you have been experiencing it - could it be from cymbalta?
I am trying to ignore it but can't seem to.
I don't know what I would do without this site - I appreciate any feedback.


writerchick - July 23

Hi chaplin, glad you are here! And for the record, nothing is strange here :) I have the same, or at least similar sensations when I try to sleep on a regular basis. Sometimes I have full body hot flashes, but more often it's just my feet. Feels like they are on fire from the inside. I've recently started keeping a large reusable ice pack at the foot of the bed at night (one of the hot/cold packs that you can wash the cover) and that seems to help some. Of course, I have to remember to put it in the freezer in the morning...

I don't take any meds except Topamax so I'm not sure about a medication link, but I've had this annoyance longer than the meds. Hope this helps!


peek_boo - July 24

Yep ... I have scorching hot feet as well ... I threaten my husband constantly not to be using up the "cool patches" on my side of the bed! It is especially bad in this heat wave we are having in Alberta. I usually try to put some cooling lotion on before bed which sometimes helps.

Take care



Fantod - July 24

Believe it or not the Improvements catalog has a "bed fan" which is positioned at the end of the bed under the covers to blow air. I am always looking for a cool spot in the bed and frequently have at least one foot hanging out. I'm half tempted to buy this thing...


JOEGIRL - July 24

Hi Chaplin, Maybe I am the weird one because I am always cold.I burn everyone up in this house.My husband will be turning on air conditioners and fans and I will be turning it off or grabbing a blanket.
I hope everyone get cooled off and I get warmed up.. lOL



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